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Most of the men have a bunch of pullovers piled up in their wardrobes, but there may be hardly one or two pieces that they really feel like wearing. This is mainly because they just buy the pullovers for winters and then keep them unnoticed for the rest of the year. But, many of you might be unaware that there are different varieties and styles in pullovers that you can wear all around the year.

Whether you are buying the pullovers for yourself or as a gift for your best friend, make sure that you follow this guide. Also, they are currently on the top list of aliexpress trending products where you can grab along with the best deals. Pullovers are so versatile and stylish that you can create your unique fashion statement by pairing them with different types of jeans or by overlaying them on top of plain t-shirts.

Here, you will find all the essential things that you can look up while buying the pullovers like the material used in making them and the types of styles available in the market. You’ll also find some small tips on maintaining them.

Type of Material:

Whenever you buy an outfit, the first thing you will look at is its material. The same goes for pullovers as you will find various types of materials in them, such as woolen, cotton, polyester, and cashmere. It is essential that you find the best material as you’ll need a comfortable and cozy pullover that you can wear in extreme weather conditions.


Wool is the most commonly used material in making pullovers. It offers sheer elegance and utmost comfort than any other fabric. Most of the woolen pullovers are made from the sheep’s fur, but nowadays, you cannot guarantee that it is real or synthetic. If you stay in an area with the lowest temperatures, then look for the woolen pullovers rather than cotton or polyester ones as they provide more warmth to your body. Merino wool is highly recommended as it is the best quality wool you get in the market


If you are on a small budget, opt for the cotton pullovers as they are cheaper than the woolen pullovers. You don’t need to fret about maintaining them as they are low-maintenance and easy to wash outfits. Although cotton contributes to the best pullovers, it does not retain heat as much as the woolen pullovers. Thus, you need to wear them on top of other t-shirts for extra warmth.


Cashmere is a type of wool extracted from various breeds of goats such as cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and some other types of breeds. It is a soft and warm material used in making many stylish outfits other than pullovers. Sometimes, it is combined with the other woolen material to produce high-quality sweaters. It is not as good as standard woolen material but provides enough warmth to the body.


Nowadays, polyester and some synthetic materials are used in making pullovers. Although they are cheaper than the woolen and cashmere pullovers, they don’t provide much warmth to the skin. Also, they don’t tend to retain their original shape after a few washes, which results in a disheveled appearance.

Various Styles in Pullovers:


Turtle Neck Pullovers:

The turtle neck pullovers are the most versatile and stylish piece of clothing you’ll ever find in the market. Even though this style is not praised much by men, it creates a sophisticated makeover when paired with a blazer or any other jacket. It is not necessary to pair with a jacket as you can wear it casually on the top of denim.

V-neck Pullovers:

Working professionals most popularly wear v-neck pullovers as it offers them a fresh and cooler look. It gives an elongated appearance at the neck with the V-shaped neckline.

Shawl Collar Pullovers:

The extra fabric recognizes the shawl collar pullovers at the collar lines that give a flattering outlook to the wearer. It is also preferred for extra comfort and warmth as compared to other pullover styles. It goes well with casual as well as formal occasions.

Crew Neck Pullovers:

These are the common pullovers available with a circular neckline. You will see most of the men wearing these types of pullovers as they are simple, elegant, and graceful in appearance. Whether you want to attend a casual get-together or go for a formal meeting, these pullovers will always make you stand out of the crowd.

Pullover Vest:

The aesthetic pullovers without any sleeves and necklines are termed to be vests. These are mostly worn while lounging at home over the top of trousers and overlaid on a full-sleeves t-shirt. There was a time when only older men wore this type of pullover, but it has now become popular among the young generations as well.

Roll Neck Pullovers:

Roll neck pullovers are a combination of the turtle neck and crew neck pullovers. They have a high collar neck rolled over the edge, which makes it appear to be fascinating. You can opt for these pullovers to wear on vacations or casual occasions.

Small Tips for Maintaining the Charm of Pullovers:


After you purchase the pullover, it is essential to maintain it properly so that you can wear it over the years. There are many small and easy things you can do to maintain its allure effortlessly.

a) Always follow the suggestions mentioned in the tags attached to the pullovers. Some of them require dry cleaning, while some do not require it. You can wash them at home by soaking them in cold water along with mild detergent.

b) Never brush them as it can dishevel their appearance. You should prefer washing them with your hands and try to squeeze them as little as possible. Don’t be too harsh in squeezing them as they can dry out easily in the sun.

c) Never hang them with a hanger as it leaves a dimple on the sweater. Instead, fold them and keep securely in a bag.



With this article, we hope that now you can make a firm decision on what type of pullover you need to buy and how to maintain it for future uses.

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