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Cats have a natural thing for scratching, and cat owners would agree that those scratch marks on furniture and other household items are anything but pleasing. It is absolutely important to have a cat scratching pad.

Contrary to what some people believe, a cat’s tendency to scratch is not just about playfulness, but also about keeping the nails in check and marking territory. Scratching pads are designed to withstand all of that clawing and scratching, and you can actually find a whole bunch of products in the market, depending on size and other factors.

In this post, we are discussing further on how you can select the best cat scratching pad, with products that we liked.





Amazon Basics Cat Scratching PostAmazon Basics Cat
Scratching Post

3-Sided Cat Scratching PostPetFusion 3-Sided Vertical
Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post
Petstages Cat Scratcher
Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post

cat scratcher cardboardIrispets cat scratcher cardboard

SmartCat Scratching PostSmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

Thick Sisal Scratching PadTreasborn Durable Cat Scratcher
Thick Sisal Scratching Pad

Cat Scratching Post and HammockAmazon Basics Cat Scratching
Post and Hammock.


Reviewing the Top 7 Cat Scratching Pad


Amazon Basics Large Premium Tall Cat Scratching Post

Amazon Basics Large Premium Tall Cat Scratching Post

This premium cat scratching post from Amazon Basics is a trusted product. This cat scratching post is a single pillar with a replaceable dangle toy. The Natural jute fiber fabric is just too attractive for the cats. So once you get this in your house, your cat will no longer scratch the carpets.

The durable pillar looks very aesthetic, the color and finish are so perfect that it will easily blend in with your existing decor.

• Perfect size and beautiful looks
• Natural Jute Fiber
• A durable and long-lasting product
• Replaceable dangle toy

• A slightly larger base would’ve made it more stable.


PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

PetFusion brings this amazing scratching post that doubles up as a play area for your cat. The package also includes premium USA organic catnip leaf, and the post is made from recycled and non-toxic material.

The angles of the product are such that cats can stretch and scratch as they want. The company offers a 6-month warranty on the product, which is an added advantage 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Pos,Color: Warm Gray,Made of recycled cardboard, non-toxic corn starch glue


• Two sizes available
• Thoughtful design
• 6-month warranty
• Has won awards
• Recyclable material


• Not the cheapest one/ can be considered expensive



Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post.

This scratching post from Petstages comes with a collapsible design and works like a hammock, making it easy to store, as well. The design allows your cat to lounge as it pleases, and the scratching area is pretty huge for easy scratching.

The product offers considerable support when the kitten is resting and comes with a pouch of catnip included in the package. Petstages Cat Scratcher Cat Hammock Cat Scratching Post,Item Weight-1.3 pounds,Easy Life Cat Scratcher


• Collapsible design
• Easy to store
• Affordable price
• Simple to carry around
• Hammock design


• Just one size
• Not of as high quality as others



Irispets cat scratcher cardboard.

If you are looking for a simple design cat scratcher, this one should fit the bill. This is the best cat scratching post, which is made of cardboard and offers a wider surface to scratch. The product is made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials and can be used as a play surface for clawed cats, as well. A pack of catnip is included in the product package. Irispets cat scratcher cardboard,cat wide scratching pad,cat scratcher toys


• Super affordable
• Simplified design
• Easy to store
• Big scratching surface
• 100% eco-friendly


• Just one surface, so your cat can get bored



SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post.

This is basically scratching post of sorts, which allows your cat to stretch completely as required. The product is made of fibrous, durable sisal that allows the cat to get naturally attracted to the post.

The post is 32-inches high, which is tall enough for most house cats and can be assembled easily as required. Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post,Color: beige,Made with fibrous, durable sisal,32 inches high


• Natural scratching post
• Nice design for contemporary homes
• Easy and quick assembly
• Sturdy base


  • Expensive compared to some products
  • No place for the cat to rest (not a hammock design)



Treasborn Durable Cat Scratcher Thick Sisal Scratching Pad

If you wanted a scratching pad that almost is the same as a sleeping place, this is the product to go for. The pad is made from high quality and natural sisal for assured durability, and there is no mess with the product.

Your cat will also love to sleep on the mat, which comes with three layers to prevent skidding. Cats Anti-Slip Scratch Sleeping Mat,Size: 15.75Wx23.65L,,Color: Light Brown,THREE LAYERS OF ANTI-SKID


• Simple, effective design
• Works as a sleeping surface
• Durable
• Priced right


• Not the cheapest one on this list
• Doesn’t have any other inclusions, such as catnip


Amazon Basics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock.

This is a cat hammock that’s elevated with the help of post pillars that serve as scratch pads. The cat can relax as it wants, while the post pillars offer the height and space to stretch and scratch.

The scratching posts of the hammock are made of natural jute fiber that’s safe for cats and keeps nails healthy, while the neutral color fits the design of most homes. Elevated cat hammock,Color: Beige,Natural jute fiber scratching posts


• Durable design
• Hammock that doubles up as scratching post
• Made of natural jute fiber
• Safe for most house cats
• Beautiful design


• Just one size available
• There are cheaper products in the market



How to choose the best cat scratching pad or post?


As you may have guessed, there are products that serve the same purpose but have different shapes and sizes. After cat scratching post reviews, here are a few tips on how you can choose one.


Consider the shape

There are scratching pads, posts, hammocks, triangles, and even sleeping pads that belong to the same category, so you have to consider the shape that may work best for your cat.

Posts are ideal when your cat has a tendency to scratch more on furniture or taller surfaces, while you can also use flexible pads that can be thrown over on a regular furniture item as a covering.


Durability counts

Cats scratch and they do it all the time. You don’t want to replace the cat scratching post every month, so it makes sense to select something that is meant to last. Durability is an important factor when you look for products in this segment.


Sturdiness is important

Your cat will not use the scratch post if they find it wobbly, so you want to be sure that the post is strong enough to withstand all that naughtiness. You may want to check the material, which should be natural and must be safe for the cat.


Frequently Asked Questions


What material must be used for the cat scratching pad?

Sisal fabric is the type of material cats love to scratch. This material reminds a cat of tree bark. Sisal rope should not be used; only sisal material is the best scratching material.


Why are scratch pads necessary for cats?

Covered by a rough fabric, a scratch post is a wooden post that cat owners give to their cats for scratching. Cats love to and have a natural urge for scratching many times in a day. Scratching helps to remove unwanted material from claws of the cats.


How should I select a perfect scratching post for my cat?

Firstly, the pad or post must be rigid so that it does not fall during the scratching process. Secondly, it must be made of the fabric which cats like. And last but not the least, it should be sufficiently tall for the cat to stretch its body fully.


Infographic: Benefits of a Cat Scratching pad


Benefits of a Cat Scratching pad


do consider the surface. A scratching post or pad has to be big enough to fit your cat’s demand for scratching and stretching, so don’t buy something too small. As for the price, it depends on the shape and design, but a good pad is like an investment for the long run, so don’t shy away from shelling out a tad more.

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