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If you have some experience with surfing and would want to surf short waves during the summer, a fish surfboard would be a good investment. With greater volume, you get more control on the board and can paddle faster and at a much higher speed.

You need to note that a fish surfboard could be shorter when compared to a shortboard, but is thicker and wider like a regular one. It also allows you to experiment with the tricks you have learnt so far, especially when the waves are not huge. A fish surfboard looks much like a fish in terms of design and became a rage in the 70s.

In this post, we are discussing further how you can select the best fish surfboard with products that we liked for various factors.




Rock-It Albert Fish SurfboardRock-It 6' Albert Surfboard

Giantex 6inch SurfboardGiantex 6' Surfboard for Kids,
Adults and Children

NSP Elements Fish Short Surfboard 160x160NSP Elements Fish Short Surfboard

Big Boy Fish 7ft 3in 22in x 3in SurfboardJK Surfboards Big Boy
Fish Surfboard

High Density CBC SurfboardCalifornia Board Company CBC Surfboard

Hybrid Short SurfboardNSP Elements Hybrid Short Surfboard

Formula Fun 5’3″ Black Magic FishFormula Fun 5’3″ Black Magic Fish

StoreYourBoard Naked Minimalist SurfboardStoreYourBoard Naked Surf Original Minimalist
Surfboard Wall Rack


Reviewing the Top 8 Fish Surfboards for Beginners


Rock-It 6′ Albert Surfboard

Rock-It 6' Albert Surfboard

Rock-It 6′ Albert Surfboard is the right option for you if you are looking for a durable and classic-looking surfboard at an affordable price. The 6-feet surfboard is one of the best learning boards for kids and adults up to 175lbs.

It has x nano-coated stringers, a UV-resistant soft top material body, and removable performance fins that offer better control and customizability.

• Good built quality
• Wide range of colors
• Learning board for kids and adults up to 175 pounds
• x nano-coated stringers
• UV-resistant soft top material

• At 6-feet length, it may not be suitable for taller individuals


Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board with Removable Fins


The top of the surfboard is made of foam offers durability, whereas the HDPE bottom ensures high speed. The best thing about this board is its looks. It is colorful and looks quite appealing.

The board has been designed in such a way that surfers can plan their lifts and speed without any hassle. For better hold and traction, the board has a fishtail. The fins on it are removable, and hence, the product is easy to carry.

Giantex 6' Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board with Removable Fins, Great Beginner Board for Kids, Adults and Children


• Ideal for beginners as well as experts. Good for children as well as adults.
• Assembling the board is easy.
• Affordable


• The deck might get slippery with repeated use.



NSP Elements Fish Short Surfboard

This product from NSP comes with fins included and is available in a wide range of sizes, which should suit the needs of beginners and experts alike. The fish surfboard is designed to be stable and fun, and with durable construction, you can be assured of amazing control on short waves.

With Fiberglass Cloth and Water Resistant EPS Core, this product can be a steal. NSP Elements Fish Short Surfboard,Available in 5'6", 6'0", 6'4", 6'6", 6'8", 7'0", 7'2"


• Counted among the best fish surfboards in the market
• More sizes included
• Fins included in the price


• Can be an expensive option


JK Surfboards Big Boy Fish 7ft 3in 22in x 3in Surfboard.

This product from JK Surfboards is one of the easiest surfboards in this category, which makes this a great choice in beginner surfboards. Dimensions are 7ft 3in 22in x 3in, and you get a 5-fin set-up included. Ideal for surfing the reef. The Big Boy Fish 7ft 3in 22in x 3in Surfboard ,three larger sizes,Material: Polyurethane


• Great for beginners
• Designed for those trying shorter boards for the first time
• Fins included


• Just one size available
• Not the cheapest one


California Board Company CBC Surfboard.

With a high-density EPS foam core, this surfboard is designed for those who seek style, thanks to a complete graphic deck and bottom. The attached traction pad ensures a considerable grip, and the product features a set of three bluefins that are included in the price.

The surfboard weighs 6.5 pounds, and the surf leash is included. California Board Company CBC Surfboard, 5-Feet x 8-Inch,High Density EPS foam,6.5 pounds


• Budget shortboard for the category
• Great design, assorted colors
• Additional pad for better traction and grip


• Just one standard size available


NSP Elements Hybrid Short Surfboard.

This is not a fish surfboard technically, but if you want to try a shortboard, the product from NSP Elements should fit the bill. Counted among the best brands, this surfboard comes in five different sizes, and three fins set-up is included in the package.

The product is great for those seeking high performance and better padding power. NSP Elements Hybrid Short Surfboard,Fins Included,Available in 5'9", 6'0", 6'2", 6'4", 6'6"


• Great for different skill levels
• Offers considerable performance
• Designed for durability with Water Resistant EPS Core and Fiberglass Cloth


• Can be an expensive choice for beginners


Formula Fun 5’3″ Black Magic Fish.

Formula Fun brings this amazing fish surfboard that has a volume of 42 liters, which makes the board easy to surf and paddle. The product is 100% recyclable, so you are making a better and more conscious choice for the environment.

You don’t need to bother about waxing because the board offers a great grip, even when you are not experienced with short wave surfing. The product takes inspiration from the 70s in terms of design. Formula Fun 5'3" Black Magic Fish,100% Recyclable,Dimensions : 5'3" x 21 1/2" x 3" with 42 Liters of volume


• Fins included in the price
• Great color
• Recyclable material


• Not the cheapest one
• Just one size available


StoreYourBoard Naked Surf Original Minimalist Surfboard Wall Rack.

If you have a great fish surfboard, you will need a place to store it. This product from StoreYourBoard is a displayed amount that can be used at home, office, garage, or anywhere you want.

It ensures that your board is safe, thanks to the aluminum body which works for storing all other kinds of surfboards too.


• Easy to install
• All hardware inclusions are a part of the package
• Durable and heavy-duty aluminum body
• Inexpensive
• Can be used outdoors or indoors as required


• Not a peppy/bright color


How to Choose the Best Fish Surfboard?


Typically, a fish surfboard is ideal for anyone who is trying for a shortboard but doesn’t want to go for the shortboard right away. A fish surfboard is somewhere in between. Here are some quick tips for selecting the right fish surfboard.


• First and foremost, consider why you need a fish surfboard instead of a shortboard. Your skillset and level of expertise largely determine the size of the surfboard that must be considered. Many online guides may come in handy, so check your weight and choose accordingly.


• Fish surfboards are wider and comparatively thicker than a shortboard and are ideal for surfing smaller waves at local beaches. You may want to check if the board will ensure better speed without any compromises on maneuverability.


• The brand does make a difference, and we would always recommend that you “invest” in a fish surfboard. This is something you wouldn’t regret, even if you eventually settle for a shortboard in the future.


• Check the construction of the fish surfboard. For example, Water Resistant EPS Core is a basic feature of the best products in the market. Check if the fins are included in the package, and some surfboards may also include the surf leash. If you are just starting, you can go for three main fins set-up.


• Finally, do consider the price. Expensive fish surfboards are designed with patented designs, and the more grip and speed you get, the better. You can always check online for discounts and deals. When you look for surfboards, consider the dimensions and if the product comes in different sizes.


Only when you are extremely comfortable on a fish surfboard, it is time to think of a shortboard.


Frequently Asked Questions


What should be the volume of fish surfboard suitable for me?

The fish surfboard should be 2-6 inches shorter in length than your own shortboard as per the thumb rule. So, if you are buying a fish as the first “shorter” board, then go a little bit meatier. You can accomplish this with a longer board or thicker surfboard.


Which material is best for the surfboard?

The type of construction of surfboards is determined by the kind of foam and resin used in the core. Typically, all surfboards are made of fiberglass cloth. Expanded polystyrene and epoxy boards use resin and foam is used in PU boards.


Are fiberglass surfboards better than epoxy surfboards?

No. The epoxy surfboards use resin which is 35% stronger than resin in fiberglass boards. In addition to that, the fiberglass board has less buoyancy than an epoxy surfboard, making it difficult to float, paddle, and catch waves.


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