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When you go to the gym, you have to go prepared with your gym clothes, shoes, and other accessories. You will need a gym bag to keep your things such as mobile, phones, chargers, shoes, clothes and other items.

No need to say that a gym bag has to be durable and it should contain multiple sections to secure your items safely. For these reasons, this guide offers reviews to help you choose the best gym bag for CrossFit. There are tips related to gym bag selection in this same guide. But let’s start with the reviews of top gym bags first.





Brown Gym Bag for crossfitWolfWarriorX WWX Gym Bag

best crossfit workout bag<br />
WODSuperStore Large Gym Bag

best crossfit gym bagUnderArmour Undeniable Duffle
3.0 Gym Bag

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Packable Sports Gym BagVenture Pal 20” Packable
Sports Gym Bag

32 Litre Gym Bag With Wet PocketEverest Gym Bag With
Wet Pocket

multiple pockets Gym BagKuston Sports Gym Bag



Reviewing Top 6 Gym Bags for CrossFit

These are the gym bags most popular among CrossFit enthusiasts:


WolfWarriorX WWX Gym Bag

There are multiple compartments in this bag with a large capacity. Four main huge spaces provide a loading capacity of 68.6 liters. A separate compartment for shoes is available as well.WolfWarriorX WWX Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment, Lightweight Travel Duffel Bag for Women, Men

The gym bag looks stylish and provides strength, durability with self-adjusting zippers, adjustable shoulder strap, reinforced handle, and strong seams. The bag is completely water-resistant and comes with a guarantee.

This is the reason why you can take this gym bag anywhere you need.


• Huge capacity with multiple compartments.
• Convenience of use with exceptional durability.


• Color choices tend to suit men more than women.



WODSuperStore Large Gym Bag

This stylish gym bag matches the needs of men and women with its well-arranged pockets and spacious compartments. Every workout gear can fit in this bag in an organized manner.Rigor Gear Large Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment, Workout Bag for Men & Women with Wet & Dry Pocket, Water Bottle Holder - Zipper & Velcro Pockets & Compartments for Workout Gear

Every item gets a separate section, so you don’t have to waste time searching for things. The construction quality is top-notch as well. The zippers, Velcro pockets, seams, and other elements perform for years.

And it all comes at a price that fits everyone’s budget.


• Well-thought compartments to make organization easier.
• Cost-effective and durable design.


• The bag is a little heavier than other choices.


UnderArmour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

When looking for a wide range of the best Crossfit gym bag, you can choose this one. With a height of 0.7 inches, this bag offers the style and quality of imported polyester.Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym BagLarge Black/SilverLarge

The width is 14 inches, which offers a wide space to arrange every item in an order. The construction quality keeps the bag durable for years and the designs are available in multiple colors.

So, you can choose a color and design that matches your style.


• Unique color choices to match your personality.
• High-quality polyester with superb construction quality.


• Small pocket compartments are not available.


Venture Pal 20” Packable Sports Gym Bag

It is a sleek gym bag design that contains a shoe compartment and wet pockets. Multiple color choices to let both men, as well as women, select their favorite gym bag. The nylon fabric construction protects against water and tear.Venture Pal Packable Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment Travel Duffel Bag

The metal zippers last for years without getting affected by environmental conditions. The capacity is huge and it offers 8 compartments for different purposes. You can store wet clothes in the wet pocket and place your sneakers in a separate shoe compartment.

There is a side pocket for your water bottle as well.


• Foldable bag with a weight of 1.1 pounds only.
• Carrying and opening this bag takes no effort.
• The style matches both men and women.


• You don’t get small pockets to keep your mobile phones, charger, etc.


Everest Gym Bag With Wet Pocket

A stunning-looking bag with spacious compartments! This bag is made from 600D polyester material and offers a capacity of 32 L. The duffel bag has special pockets to keep your wet gear and shoes.Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket

The main compartment says secure with top-notch zippers. The front zippered pockets contain mesh pouches inside. The shoulder strap is adjustable with a non-corrosive metal connection.

The shoulder pad is given to the strap to make carrying easier. Also, the hook has padding and the handle closes in a loop.


• Spacious capacity of 32 liters.
• Bottle holder with proper padding.


• Color choices are limited.


Kuston Sports Gym Bag

The Oxford fabric construction makes this gym bag durable and lightweight. It resists water, wears, and tear, plus, it provides vast breathable storage space. The pockets are usable for multiple functionalities.Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment Travel Duffel Bag for Men and Women

In fact, there are inner pockets to safely store your cellphone, wallet, charger, and other important items. There is a separate compartment for shoes. And in the main compartment, you can keep everything organized to easily find whenever required.


• Comfortable to carry and highly spacious.
• Reliable construction quality and useful compartments.


• Smaller dual handles don’t have padding.



How to select the best gym bag for Crossfit?


Your best Crossfit workout bag is just the following tips away:


Large Capacity

The capacity of your gym bag should be large enough to carry every gear you want. Check the volume of a bag and figure out if it will help you carry everything conveniently.


Multiple Compartments

You shouldn’t have to waste any time trying to find your gear. This is possible when your bag contains multiple compartments to store everything in an organized manner. So, find a gym bag with a shoe compartment, wet pockets, and bottle compartment as well.



The convenience factor comes down to the strap and the shape of a bag. The design should feel convenient to carry. Plus, the strap should be adjustable and padded, so you don’t have to feel the weight while carrying it around.


Color Choices

Your gym gear serves as a fashion statement. And if you are particular about your gym clothing, you would want to have a stylish bag. So, look at the color choices available.


Your next CrossFit session will feel more organized and comfortable at the gym. Just follow the mentioned tips to make your final selection of a gym bag. The product reviews have the top choices, so you can definitely choose anyone from them. Hopefully, this guide has given you what you were looking for!



Frequently Asked Questions


Can a backpack serve as a gym bag?

If you generally ride a bike while going to the gym, a backpack is a great option. It has a separate space for a water bottle, and you can tuck in your helmet while working out. So, if you travel with a number of things, then a backpack can work as your perfect gym bag.


What are the things which every gym bag must-have?

Things like sneakers, gym clothes, headphones, reusable water bottle, cleansing wipes, shower essentials are necessary items which should be present in a gym bag. Without these items, you will not be able to work out properly.


What is the appropriate size of a gym bag?

Size of a gym bag can range from small duffel bags to big bags that can also be used for travel purposes. Generally, a medium-sized bag is appropriate for an individual.


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