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Your hairstyle and hair color should complement your facial features. And the facial feature closest to your hair is your eyes. So, the color of your eyes has to play a big role when choosing your hair color. But, of course, you know that! This is why you want to find the best hair colors for green eyes. This guide will help you choose the best hair colors and assist further with some valuable buying tips. Then, you can enhance the appeal of your green eyes with the finest hair color choices. So, let’s start!

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Vidal 4 Hair ColourVidal Sassoon Salonist
Neutral Brown Hair Colour

L’Oreal Red Brown Hair ColorL’Oreal Paris
Medium Red Brown

Protégé Brown Root ColorProtégé Premium Brown
Root Touch Up

Vidal Sassoon 6 hair colorVidal Sassoon Salonist
Light Brown Hair Colour

Tigi Bed Head Hair ColourTigi Bed Head Colour Goddess


Reviewing Top 5 Hair Colors for Green Eyes in 2023

These are the most appropriate hair color products you can use to complement green eyes:


Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour 4/0 Dark Neutral Brown

This neutral brown hair color is available in dark shade to give you a vibrant and rich tone. It will complement your green eyes and cover gray hair for about 8 weeks. The color offers a permanent depth without putting too much effort in the process.

The brand Vidal Sassoon is known for its revolutionary hair color formulas and simplistic coloring techniques. And, you can get it all with this neutral dark brown shade. In fact, you can get the salon-quality finish at home with this brand. Vidal Sassoon Salonist Permanent Hair Colour Color Kit,4/0 Dark Neutral Brown


• Permanent color with rich tone and depth
• 100% coverage of gray hair
• Easy to apply


• You might want to mix this color with other shades


L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Medium Red Brown

This radiant red brown color will enhance the beauty of your green eyes effortlessly. Plus, you will get the triple protection to seal, condition and replenish your hair. No matter how stubborn gray hair strands are, this will cover them all. The long-lasting shine covers every hair fiber from root to tip.

The formula is permanent with its fade-defying quality. You can use this shade to cover your gray hair, get a new shine, or highlight hair strands. The brand is L’oreal, so you can expect an incomparable richness of the color. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color, Medium Red Brown


• Radiant richness with triple protection
• Permanent shine that covers gray hair exceptionally


• Some people might not prefer the boldness of red brown


Protégé Premium Brown Root Touch Up

If you are looking for an instant option, choose this root touch up. This formula comes in a powdered form with a brush for application. You can simply apply this touch-up powder to the roots of your hair. Then, remove the excess amount and have a neat look.

The brush has been designed to cover your hair roots only. Hence, you get natural color and shine of the mineral-based ingredients to complement your hairstyle and green eyes. It is a logical solution to cover gray hair and save yourself from multiple salon trips. This touch-up will help you retain the depth and richness of your hair color for longer periods. Premium Root Touch Up - CoverAge - Instant Temporary Root Concealer to Cover Up Roots and Grays Between Salon Trips - Water Resistant - Color Roots


• Easy-to-apply touch up powder for hair
• Natural reflective shine with mineral-based ingredients


• The powdered form requires you to be careful while applying


Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour 6/0 Light Neutral Brown

Vidal Sassoon has a light neutral brown option for your hair. This standard color requires no effort to apply and treats your hair. You can apply the product at home for permanent, rich hair color of light brown shade. The application technique involves treating your roots, then, applying it on your lengths separately.

This way, you get an impressive tone and depth of this color. And that depth enhances your facial features including the green eyes. Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour Permanent Color Kit, 6 Light Neutral Brown


• Permanent hair color
• Easy-to-apply technique
• Reflective and depth of color tones


• You have to be careful while applying to avoid blotches on the scalp


Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess

Color Goddess duo is a kit of oil-infused shampoo and conditioner. This kit is perfect for you to optimize your hair color vibrancy. It also cleanses and refreshes your hair to enable the desired smoothness and shine. Using this kit will help you avoid the chances of broken ends while brushing color on your hair.

The infusion of oil will safeguard your hair color and provide the necessary reflection to complement your green eyes. The formula includes keratin, coconut oil, and almond oil as well. Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess 25.36oz Duo


• Top-level cleansing and protection of hair color
• Protecting hair color from looking flat or dull
• Defending hair health with nourishing oils


• You will need to pick your color separately


How to buy the best hair colors for green eyes?


Now, you have a list of products to color your hair and protect the vibrancy of that color. Here are several tips to help you make your final decision:


Consider your hairstyle

When choosing the hair color, you should consider your hairstyle along with the color of your eyes. Long hair, short hair, curly hair or straight hair, your hairstyle should look better in the color you choose.


Application technique

You should not have to struggle to apply a color formula in your hair. The product should contain proper instructions and tools to conveniently attain the desired finish.


Gray hair coverage

Hair color products with gray hair coverage provide long-term shine and depth. So, you need to make sure that your hair color provides 100 percent gray hair coverage.


Protection against hair damage

While the color richness and depth matter a lot, you should not forget about the health of your hair fibers. The product should serve as a protective shield for your hair. Or, you can choose special shampoo and conditioner to nourish the color, shine, and strength of your hair.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which colors of hair make green eyes look sparkling?

Blondes: Golden blonde, honey, and beige hair will reflect gold in your green eyes. Reds: Copper reds and rich auburn will look natural on the warm skin. Browns: Rich golden brown and toffee color will reflect peach tones.


Which skin color is suitable for green eyes and blonde hair?

The combination of green eyes and blonde hair better goes with a person who has fair skin. A person who has dark skin must go with other options of hair colors to go with green eyes.


Which is the rarest combination of hair color with green eyes?

According to a study, a combination with green eyes and red hair is one of the rarest combinations with a correlation of -0.14. If a person has blue eyes and red hair, it is even more unusual combination of all the other combinations.



Your green eyes already look mesmerizing. Just enhance its appeal with perfect hair color. Use the mentioned products to maintain color vibrancy and depth of tones. Hopefully, this will help you find a perfect look for your facial features and hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little! That’s the only way to find the best look.


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