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Grooming is a routine you can’t miss, especially when it comes to your hair. You have to be ready with the best look for any occasion. So, you look for a hair cutting device that can make things easier for you on a regular basis. Being cautious is essential, as you can’t choose any random haircutter.

The cutter has to be easy to use and highly reliable in terms of the results you get with it. This brings us to the search for the best haircutter.

Here, in this guide, you will find top hair cutter reviews along with a few tips to make your selection. Let’s start!





Philips Norelco- All-in-One TrimmerPhilips Norelco- All-in-One Trimmer

Best Cordless Hair ClippersBrightup Beard Trimmer

Wahl Model 5622 Rechargeable TrimmerWahl Model 5622 Groomsman
Rechargeable Hair Cutter

Wahl Lighted Ear, Nose TrimmerWahl Lighted Ear,
Nose & Brow Trimmer
color coded hair cutterWahl Color Pro Complete
Hair Cutting Kit

Complete Haircutting Kit for MenWahl Chrome Pro
Haircutting Kit for Men

Virtually Indestructible Haircut KitRemington Virtually Indestructible
Haircut Kit

Adjustable Pivot Motor ClipperOSTER Fast Feed Adjustable
Pivot Motor Clipper


Reviewing Top 6 Hair Cutter Machines for Home Use


Philips Norelco- All-in-One Trimmer

Philips Norelco- All-in-One Trimmer

This all-in-one trimmer from Philips is a 23-piece men’s grooming kit. Philips Norelco is simply perfect for beard, hair, body hair, and private parts. The ultra-smooth motor is powerful, smooth, and made to last. It is fully metal, and the drive train is reinforced with tempered steel.

The self-sharpening blades can also last for up to 5 years in ideal conditions. Finally, to top it all up, Philips has added a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that gives a runtime of up to 5 hours on a full charge.

• High-quality men’s grooming kit
• 23-piece set
• 2x control with self-sharpening blades that can last for 5 years
• Full metal motor
• 5 hours of runtime on a full charge

• Doesn’t provide a very close shave when used without combs


Brightup Beard Trimmer

Brightup Beard Trimmer, Cordless Hair Clippers

Brightup Beard Trimmer is an all-in-one grooming kit for Men. It has several adjustable combs, along with two-speed modes that allow you to use this trimmer for hair, beard, body hair. The product is simply designed for safety and comfort.

It feels good in the hands and offers a smooth cut every time due to its self-sharpening blades. Cleaning the Brightup Beard Trimmer is extremely easy. It is fully washable, and the adjustments are easy to remove and fix.

For extra convenience, Brightup has added provided a USB fast charging system and an LED screen that displays battery levels.

• Compact design, Low-noise, and Lightweight
• Suitable for hair, beard, body, and private parts
• Self-sharpening blades
• 100% washable
• Full grooming kit

• Doesn’t provide a very close shave


Wahl Model 5622 – Rechargeable Beard, Mustache, Hair & Nose Hair Cutter


The product comes with durable stainless-steel blades that remain sharp for a long time. The best thing about this hair cutter is that it allows you to go for different trimming styles with its 14 cutting lengths. The device is rechargeable. Hence, no hassle of changing batteries. You also get a bonus ear and nose trimmer.

The visible head of the trimmer enables you to clean it with ease. And irrespective of which country you live in, you can use this device. After all, it supports both 220 v and 110 v power. What else? You get an additional storage pouch with a zipper, with the product.

Wahl Model 5622Groomsman Rechargeable Beard, Mustache, Hair & Nose Hair Trimmer for Detailing & Grooming,Stainless Steel Blades


• There are 4 hair guide combs and 3 stubble combs.
• Easy to use.
• Quiet and compact


• A little flimsy.



Wahl Lighted Ear, Nose & Brow Trimmer Clipper

Wahl Lighted Ear, Nose & Brow Trimmer Clipper

This is a versatile product in stainless steel. You can use this ear and nose hair trimmer to remove hair from your nose, ears, eyebrows, and face. Dual edge spinning blades help remove hair without pain and discomfort.

Since the product is waterproof, it’s a breeze to clean it with water. It comes with a dustproof cover that protects the head of the trimmer. It operates on a powerful motor which increases power saving by five percent.


• It is a unisex product.
• One button operation for immense ease of use.
• Whisper quiet when in operation.


• It doesn’t come with a battery.


Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit


This hair cutter machine has color-coded combs that guide you for a convenient cut. You can choose the desired hair length and easily get the look. The blades are made from strong carbon steel and possess the self-sharpening capability. Hence, you get precision when using the device. The body of the device is comfortable to control with a soft grip. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit


• Self-sharpening blades made from carbon steel
• Comfortable grip with much-needed softness
• Color-coded combs
• Multiple hair length settings


• The shape might seem a little uneasy to handle



Wahl Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit for Men

Wahl has another powerful device containing a chrome body. The blades are adjustable for trimming, grooming and multiple lengths of hair cutting. The blades get sharpened on its own and provide precise cuts to any size or thickness of hair. In fact, you can use it for complete body grooming. The chrome finish of this model looks stunning and provides the long-term durability of the device. Wahl Chrome Pro Complete Haircutting Kit for Men,Total Body Clipping, Trimming, & Grooming


• Complete body groomer
• Self-sharpening blades
• Dura chrome premium finish


• A little more expensive than Wahl Color Pro



Remington HC5850 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit

With this hair cutter, you get a kit of 15 pieces to cut hair in every style you want. The blade system has its innovative Powercut technology to save you from pulling or snagging. The blade gets its performance from a motor containing a super magnet. So, you get 4 times faster performance. Even the thickest strands of hair get cut easily without much effort. Then, you can remove the blade and clean it within seconds. Remington HC5850 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit & Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men (15 pieces)


• Motor with a super magnet having the power of 110-120 VAC
• Powerful blade system
• Easy to maintain and clean


• The body requires careful handling



OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Whatever you need with a hair cutter machine is possible with this device. It has adjustable steel blades accompanied with a quiet and powerful motor. You get to adjust between 000-1 sizes. The device works precisely on wet as well as dry hair. The ergonomic design is easy to hold with its textured grip, which is why even professionals use it for all-day hair cutting. This kit comes with a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and a blade guard. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper,4 Guide Combs: Blending, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 8 Ft Power Cord


• Pivot motor that makes no noise
• Dry and wet hair cutting
• Ergonomic design
• Adjustable sizes for the steel blade


• Seems a bit expensive



How to Choose the Best Hair Cutter?


• When buying a hair cutter, you should look for the best-suited features at a reasonable price. Too cheap devices won’t offer precise results or last for a long time. So, you need to focus more on the quality than the price.


• Also, it give immense importance to the blade material and design. The quality of a blade will decide the comfort of using a hair cutter. It will also protect you against scratches and other unwanted accidents.


• The controllability you get with a device will depend on the design and grip. Make sure that the grip is soft and easy and the shape allows ease of movement when cutting hair.


• Find out the maintenance and cleaning efforts required with a model. Reliable brands provide a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, blade guard and other accessories to help with maintenance. This way, you can use more and struggle less to clean your hair cutter.


Frequently Asked Questions



Is it good to cut your hair when they are super wet?


No, it is strictly recommended that you should not cut your hair when they are super wet. After drying the super wet hair, they shrink, and in case you cut them, you will be cutting more hair than required. A little damped hair is a better option.


Can you cut your own hair?


Yes, you can cut your own hair easily. But the only condition is that you should cut them properly with safety. If you are looking for a polished or crisp look, it is difficult to get that look for your hair at home.


What will happen if a person cuts the ponytail?


It is not a good idea to cut the ponytail as it will result in badly layered, untidy cut and uneven hair. Hair fiber can also be damaged if you do not cut with appropriate tools. It is safe to only trim at home and go to a barber in case of a ponytail.



Now, it should be clear that you need a perfect device in terms of design, motor power, blades, and adjustments. Choose the best option and make haircutting experience smoother forever.

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