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When we talk about air purifiers, we often think of massive noisy purifying machines. However, this perception is going to change now.

Presenting you HENiR, the smartest portable air purifier that allows you to purify the air even in your car. Yes, you can carry the air purifier wherever you go and use it to purify the air around you.

Now isn’t that amazing?

We think so too. And that’s why today we’re going to provide you a transparent review to understand exactly how good HENiR is. But let’s check out the product features first.


HENiR Features

HENiR Smartest Portable Air Purifier

HENiR is a portable air purifier that you can carry around easily. But that does not mean it is not powerful. It can generate a wind power of up to 8000RPM, and it also has a unique UV-C LED quadruple sterilization technology capable of terminating up to 95.9% of Viruses present in the air. It also has SHARP’s PM2.5 smart sensors capable of providing accurate information about the contamination levels in the surrounding air.

The construction of this product is also highly compact. It is a lightweight air purifier that looks professional and fits easily into the cup holder of your car. The LED touch display on top of this air purifier provides information about the air contamination levels and allows smooth access to all the controls.

There are three LED light signals that provide quick information about the air quality around you. If the light on HENiR is Red, it means that the air quality is unhealthy; orange is for moderate, while the green light indicates healthy air quality. As an edition, HENiR also has a patented diffuser cartridge that ensures fragrant fresh air supply in your car.

Well, in simple HENiR has covered it all. From portability and smart looks to quality and performance, this compact air purifier really has it all.


Let’s weigh in on the pros now.
• HENiR is a one-of-a-kind portable air purifier designed for your car.
• It has a sleek modern design with smart lights, and a touch LED display.
• It has a powerful BLDC 8000 RPM motor.
• The UV-C LED detects contaminants, and the quadruple sterilization system eliminates up to 95.9% of Viruses present in the air.
• The product is extremely quiet when on.
• It also has a patented fragrance diffuser for fresh air output.Portable Air Purifier

The Cons

Now let’s try to find a few flaws in this, shall we?
• There is no battery powering option
• An 8000rpm motor will consume some extra power from your car batteries



As you can see, there aren’t any flaws with this product. Modern cars are capable of powering a wide range of devices, so a little extra battery consumption is no big deal. And when you compare it with the pros, the decision is quite clear.

We strongly recommend this product. Considering the rising pollution levels and virus infections, the smartest portable air purifier in your car is the first thing you need in today’s world.

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