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The quality and performance of any machinery come down to the maintenance and repair from time to time. The same is necessary for Powermore engines. The engines require top-quality spare parts that align with the engine models. Making such selections can seem confusing without knowing the specifications of each part.

This is the reason why you have this guide to find the best Powermore engine parts without any hassle. You will find the reviews of top POWERMORE parts along with valuable tips to judge the quality when actually buying the products.

The products include recoil starter, oil filter, air filter, carburetor, ignition coil, and spark plug. So, let’s start with the reviews first before moving to the tips.





Recoil Starter AssemblyRecoil Starter Assembly For
MTD Powermore Engine Model

oil filter for Powermore engineMTD Oil Filter for 420cc
Powermore engines

Arnold 490-200-0041 Air FilterArnold Air Filter for 420cc
Powermore Engines

MaxPower 334405 Foam Air FilterMaxPower Foam Air Filter
for MTD Powermore Engines

MOTOKU Carburetor CarbMOTOKU Carburetor Carb
For Powermore Engine

Kaymon 951-12220 Ignition CoilKaymon Ignition Coil for
Powermore Engines

MTD Genuine Parts Spark PlugMTD Genuine Parts Spark
Plug for Powermore Engines


Reviewing Top 7 Powermore Engine Parts

These are the parts that you will require for your Powermore engine:


Recoil Starter Assembly 751-14396 For MTD Powermore Engine Model

The recoil starter assists in the replacement of MTD. The part fits all different models of Powermore engine. You can utilize this MTD to replace the MTD of Powermore 1X65CU, 1X65RU, and 1X65LU models of engines.

One recoil starter comes at an affordable price. Recoil Starter Assembly For Powermore Engine


• The recoil starter fits all major models of Powermore engines.
• The price is quite affordable.


• The availability of the product can become an issue.


MTD 490-201-0010 Oil Filter for 420cc Powermore engines

When looking for an oil filter for your 420cc Powermore engine, you can trust this one. The design easily fits any 420 cc Powermore engine. The oil filter provides better performance to a lawn mowing tractor. It can be a replacement for O.E. # 751-12690, 951-12690, and 751-11501. Oil Filter for 420cc Powermore Engines


• The oil filter has superior quality.
• It is a perfect fit for premium quality Powermore engines of 420 cc.


• Most engines require a spark plug and air filter along with the oil filter when replacing.


Arnold 490-200-0041 Air Filter for 420cc Powermore Engines

Powermore Lawn Mower also requires an air filter of superior quality to perform efficiently. And the brand Arnold provides the best-suited design of air filters for 420cc Powermore engines.

This air filter is utilized for lawn tractors and perfectly fits a premium quality of Powermore engine contain 420 cc. There are multiple engine models and air filter sizes that can be replaced using this one. It can also replace pre-cleaners of different model numbers. Air Filter for 420cc Powermore Engines,Air filter for lawn tractor,Weight: 6.4 ounces


• Highly effective air filter product for lawn mowers.
• Used in premium quality Powermore engines of 420 cc.


• A replacement usually requires an oil filter and a spark plug for high-quality maintenance.


MaxPower 334405 Foam Air Filter for MTD Powermore Engines

This air filter contains a foam type, which makes it a lighter design for smaller engine sizes. The air filter has been designed to fit properly in the Powermore engines of 123cc and 139cc. At the same time, it fits OHV engines as well. The product is used to replace MTD 751-10732 models of engines. Foam Air Filter for MTD Powermore Engines


• The air filter fits perfectly in the engines of 123cc and 139cc.


• This one is not applicable if you have a 420 cc Powermore engine.


MOTOKU Carburetor Carb For MTD 951-11193, 951-14024A Powermore Engine

This carburetor carb is available for Powermore engines having MTD 951-11193 and 951-14024A. It can also replace the part carburetor Carb For MTD Powermore Engine951-11193A. The product quality, design, size, and technology work for years.


• High-quality mechanism and fitting.


• Prices can vary greatly, depending on the source.


Kaymon 951-12220 Ignition Coil for Cub Cadet Powermore Engines

This ignition coil is used to replace multiple model numbers of MTD in a cub cadet of Troy Bilt. Also, it is effective for multiple models of Powermore engines to replace the MTD. The ignition coil is known for its quality and comes with a guarantee of 60 Kaymon Ignition Coil for Cub Cadet Troy Bilt Powermore Enginedays.

Any issue during the guarantee period allows you to get your money back. The design is applicable in models such as 4P90HUA, 4P90HU, 4P90JT, 4P90JHA, 4P90JUA, 4P90JU, and 4P90JUB.


• Applicable to replace the MTD in multiple Powermore engines.
• It contains a guarantee of 60 days.


• The knowledge of the engine model is necessary before buying this ignition coil.


MTD Genuine Parts Spark Plug for Powermore Engines 5X65

This spark plug is an important part required for walk-behind models of mowers containing a Powermore engine of 5X65. The plug is also suitable for different engine categories such as MTD, Troy-Bilt, Huskee, Yard Machines as well as Bolens.

The spark plug replacement is necessary one-time in every season to ensure the performance of the equipment. MTD Genuine Parts Spark Plug for Powermore Engines


• The spark plug works for different kinds of units.
• It replaces multiple O.E. models.


• The Powermore engine should belong to the category of 5X65.



How to select the best parts for Powermore engines?


The environmental conditions impact the parts of Powermore engines, which is why its air filter, spark plug, ignition coil, and other parts require replacement from time to time.

To make the replacement count, you need to choose the right parts. These are the factors to help you make the right decision:



The most important factor for choosing any engine part is the fitting it has. An engine part such as spark plug, air filter, carburetor, and others are designed to fit certain models of Powermore engines, which is why you need to compare the engine model type before choosing a part.



The excellence of the design matters as well. Reading the product description and comparing multiple designs can help you pick the right option.



The quality of an engine part is reflected by its warranty. Many companies offer a money back promises on their product for a limited period of time. Such options are useful to ensure that you have selected the right option.



You will be replacing certain parts of your engine every season. Hence, it is important to make sure that the selected brand offers product availability consistently.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are powermore engines a good type of engines?

Powermore engines are known for exceptional performance due to very good fuel efficiency. These engines with a 2-year warranty have an innovative design and fitted with high-quality parts to combat any harsh environment.


Name the various parts of the lawnmower engine?

Various parts of lawnmower engine include fuel cap, recoil starter pulley, fuel filter, spark plug, air filter, dipstick, and carburetor. These parts function together in lawn mower engine to work effectively.


Why sometimes my lawnmower work for only a few seconds and then stops working?

This can happen because of clogged air filter, an insufficient supply of gas to the engine, a malfunctioning plug, and dirty carburetor. But, out of all these problems, carburetor problem is the main cause for lawnmower not to work properly. These problems can occur as soon as you start the lawnmower.


Now, You are Capable of Maintaining the Performance of Your Powermore Engine!

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