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Tall men, no doubt, create a great impression on girls with ease; however, when it comes to finding the right shirt size or jean length, things might get tricky.

And this is also true when selecting the right sleeping bag for outdoor activities. Regular-sized sleeping bags can be uncomfortable for tall men.
So, here, we are to help you to find the best sleeping bag for a tall man, along with the buying tips, so that you can sleep comfortably on your next backpacking trip.





ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag for big guysBig Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleep Pad

Coleman Big Basin Tall Sleeping Bag Sea to Summit Insulated Sleeping Mat

Kelty Tuck Sleeping Bag for big manALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Air Pad

Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bag for tall peopleKlymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

TETON Sports Sleeping BagSleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad



Here are Our Top 5 Sleeping Bags for Tall Guys:


ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak +20 Double Sleeping Bag


ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak +20 Double Sleeping Bag, 8 Zippers, Compression Stuff Sack, Two Zippered Pockets


ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak is an extra-long sleeping bag. This brilliant sleeping bag comes with Tech Loft along with great insulation. As a result, you will find it far more comfortable. Even you can expect to experience a good night’s sleep at 20 degrees F.

Owing to its double-layered nature, this sleeping bag features an excellent heat-retaining capability. In addition, it also makes sure of outstanding durability.

The sources of the ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak are nylon ripstop as well as microfiber liner.

So, do you want to share your sleeping bag with your friend? Sharing is caring, right?

The ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak has ensured it for you. You are free to unzip it and start using it as two single sleeping bags. Moreover, the sizes are also equal.


• Can unzip it to get two single sleeping bags
• A great comfort and heat retention with its double layer
• The side features stash pockets


• Touch to pack and sizeable
• Heavier as compared to other options



Coleman Big Basin 15 Big And Tall Adult Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag, Adjustable hood, Thermolock draft tube

The Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag comes with the barrel shape. It can accommodate even a man of 6’6” of height (the maximum level). Its width is 39 inches.

You can expect more coziness and convenience with this product as compared to a conventional rectangular bag. Additionally, the Coleman Big Basin also packs in a customizable hood.

A spacious wiggle room ensures a comfortable good night’s sleep for you. It is because of its convenience that will make you fit inside it with ease.

Owing to the Thermolock draft tube, it can alleviate heat loss with the ace. As a result, you can get even 15 degrees F inside the bag. All these features have made the Coleman Big Basin sleeping bag an ideal choice for summer, spring, and fall backpacking.


• An ideal fit for cold temperatures
• Heat retention capability by minimizing heat loss
• Extra spacious for more comfort
• Machine washable


• It is difficult to pack into a storage bag.



Kelty Tuck 22F Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tuck 22F Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag, 3 Season Ultralight Sleeping Bag with Thermal Pocket Hood, Zippered Opening in Footbox

The Kelty Tuck sleeping bag features a robust 75D polyester taffeta shell. Additionally, it also packs in an excellent liner with the power of ThermaPro insulation.

This feature-loaded sleeping bag comes with such a design that can trap heat. Also, it can keep up compressibility, which further ensures carrying as well as packing with ease.

You will get all these exciting features at just around 3 pounds of weight. It makes one of the best sleeping bags for tall guys with a spacious wiggle room. Besides, it can retain warmth all around the night.


• Robust manufacturing
• FatMan and Ribbon drawcords
• Can also maintain heat when wet


• Could be more spacious
• Imperfect zipper
• Not offer much warmth in decreased temperatures



Western Mountaineering MegaLite Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Down Navy Blue, 6ft 6in/Left Zip

Western Mountaineering MegaLite Sleeping Bag, 30 Degree Down Navy Blue, 6ft 6in/Left Zip

When it comes to ideal sleeping bags for tall people, Western Mountaineering MegaLite comes to the list. It can accommodate a person of a maximum height of 6’7”.

Owing to 850+ of down fill power, you can expect great insulation of this sleeping bag. Moreover, the Western Mountaineering MegaLite comes in a mummy shape. It ensures great comfort and warmth by weeding out the odds of cold air to remain inside. This product features 30 degrees F of temperature rating, owing to comfy plush goose down.

Owing to the ExtremeLite materials, the Western Mountaineering MegaLite has become an excellent lightweight product. It comes at just 1.5 pounds. It is an ideal sleeping bag for Fall and Spring camping.


• Water-resistant
• Breathable component
• Excellently compact despite being spacious


• Zip can snag



TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Tracker 5 Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag, Hiking, Backpacking and Camping; Free Compression Sack

If you need top-class backpacking sleeping bags for tall guys, TETON Sports sleeping bag is a perfect option for you.
This sleeping bag packs in a high-quality hood, which comes with a great design to weed out gaps. As a result, it can successfully retain heat throughout your face and head.

The TETON Sports Tracker comes as a lightweight option for backpacking. Moreover, it packs in a brilliant compression sack. It is a convenient option, which will allow you to fold or roll it with ease.

The product comes with a temperature rating of 5 degrees F. That is how it has become an ideal option for every weather condition.

This sleeping bag features a robust diamond ripstop shell as well as zipper draft tubes. Both of these features ensure outstanding insulation by keeping cold air at bay.


• Excellent stash pocket
• Incredible microfiber insulation
• Amazing body mapping technology offers extra warmth throughout the toes


• Not a suitable option for cold weathers
• May come with a weak zip


Buying Guide


Emphasize Your Sleeping Patterns:

Some popular shapes for sleeping bags include rectangle, barrel, and mummy. Now, different shapes have their own sets of pros and cons. Choose the best fit for you, according to your sleeping habits.


Special Additions:

Different options are available with different sets of accessories as well as special features. Opt for one that will give you better experience throughout your journey. Moreover, you must ensure the maximum value of the investment as well.


Robust Materials:

Are you a regular camping buff? Then, you must emphasize the building materials of a sleeping bag. Choose one with a robust outer shell.
Opt for your preference from polyester or ripstop nylon. As a result, you can ensure great longevity of your sleeping bag.


Frequently Asked Questions


What length of a sleeping bag is comfortable for me?

For example, if your height is 6 feet, then you need to have a sleeping bag of almost the same length. However, do not think that the same length sleeping will be tight. Actually, 6 feet sleeping bags will approximately measure 6 feet and 7-8 inches, so there will be extra room.


Do I require a 0° sleeping bag?

You can buy winter sleeping bags in two varieties- Bags with a temperature range of -200 or 400 and those with temperature 00. For chilled winters, an individual must buy at least -200F sleeping bag.


Do I need to wear any kind of clothes in a sleeping bag?

Wearing clothes will help to keep you warm inside the sleeping bag. This is because of the more layers around your body. If by chance you are wearing wet clothes, it’s better to remove them before using the sleeping bag.




You may have experienced troubles during your previous backpacking trips. For instance, an uncomfortable sleeping bag might have disrupted your good night’s sleep.

But, now, you have five top-class sleeping bags to sort out this issue.

These comfortable options come with excellent sets of features. For instance, you will get warmth inside your sleeping bag during a cooler atmosphere outside. Moreover, the adjustable hood will ensure great comfort for you.

That means you can keep your worries at bay and enjoy your trip.


Happy backpacking!

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