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Love adventure and venturing out in the wild? Well, you must have The Philmont Scout Ranch in your bucket list. Located in New Mexico, this is where you can experience the best of camping and hiking experience, no matter the level of your understanding of the terrain. Activities like these, of course, require some prepping, give that Philmont adventure extends to 140,000 acres and beyond.

If you are here, you could be trekking for days, often as long as ten days and counting. How would you select the best sleeping bags for Philmont? In this guide, we have enlisted the best products, with tips on how to buy the right one.


In a hurry? My favorite is this Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag. See it at Amazon.





OV-Light 20-35 Degree Backpacking Sleeping BagOutdoor 20-35 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag

$49.97 - $69.97CHECK BEST PRICE
Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor Revalcamp Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor

Sports TrailHead Sleeping BagTETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag

Portable Winter Single Sleeping Bag Sportneer Single Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag WinterBessport Sleeping Bag Winter


Reviewing the Top 5 Sleeping Bags for Philmont


Outdoor Vitals OV-Light 20-35 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag

If you want a sleeping bag that’s meant to last, this one from Outdoor Vitals is a wise choice. The brand offers what’s called “StormLIGHT microfiber insulation,” which can keep you warmer. This is a water-resistant product, so even in the harshest nights in Philmont, you would be protected. Outdoor Vitals OV-Light 20-35 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag, Lightweight and Compact for Hiking and Camping


• Assured insulation
• Easy to carry around with the limited weight
• Designed for hiking and backpacking
• Can be zipped together if required
• Can be washed easily
• Durable
• Lifetime warranty subject to terms & conditions


• Expensive for new hikers
• Mummy design, so, not the best choice for zipping two or more bags



Revalcamp Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor Use

If you want something for kids, teens, and tweens, this Revalcamp product is ideal and can be used by adults too. Revalcamp is different than some of the other brands because they do donate sleeping bags every month to communities, so when you buy from them, you are making an effort too.

REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag, Perfect for Hiking, Backpacking & Camping


• Affordable for most buyers
• Suitable for children
• Easy to pack
• Comfortable measuring 30 x 71 inches
• Available in 24 colors
• Brand offers a money-back guarantee


• Not the best one for extreme weathers
• Doesn’t compare to top brands.



TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag

If you want a slightly bigger sleeping bag, this one from Teton is a good choice. Comfortable for the weather in Philmont, the product is easy to use and is designed to take limited space while packaging. Teton is one of the most trusted brands in the category, and you should consider that. TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag, Color: Scout Green, Size: Scout - 75


• Supremely comfortable
• Includes a compression sack
• Lightweight for carrying around
• Insulated
• Available in four colors


• Not any, except that sleeping bags, can’t be zipped together



Sportneer Sleeping Bag Portable Winter Single Sleeping Bag

Once in a while, we all want to be in a sleeping bag and do our thing. Sportneer brings this sleeping bag that comes with zipped holes, which can be used to take your arms and feet out, making it ideal for Philmont terrain. On days, when you don’t want to hike but enjoy the weather, this is what you need.

Sportneer Sleeping Bag, Price: $32.99, Color: Blue, With Arm Holes

• Unique zipper design for arms and feet
• Added cotton stuffing for comfort
• Durable
• Weatherproof and can be used in snow conditions
• Easy to carry around
• Machine washable


• Cannot be zipped together



Bessport Sleeping Bag Winter

Designed exclusively for activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, this Bessport product is a budget buy that boasts of great insulation, ideal for extreme weather. The product is weather repellent and doesn’t get damp. We also found this to be one of the best-rated products in the category. Bessport Sleeping Bag Winter , Style: Flannel Lined-grey, Lightweight


• Ideal for extreme weather
• Water Repellent
• Easily Portable
• Includes a compression bag
• Reverse Zippers


• Cannot be zipped together
• Not great for extreme adventure



How to select sleeping bags for Philmont?


Finding the best sleeping bags for Philmont can be confusing, but not if you check the tips listed below.


1)  Always ensure that your sleeping bag is at least 30-inch in width and around 70-inch in length at the least. Some sleeping bags are designed for plus-size people, so the sizing can vary. In general, every brand has its own classification, so check in advance.


2)  Good sleeping bags must have insulation and should be made of durable, quality materials that are meant to last. You also need to check if the product has some filling, preferably of cotton.


3)  A sleeping bag meant for Philmont has to be weatherproof at the least. Check the quality of the product and check if it can offer protection from rain, snow, and water. Note that water penetration can be avoided to some extent, but there are usually limitations to that.


4)  Temperature rating. Most brands will mention temperature ratings for sleeping bags, so that has to be considered. In warm weather, there isn’t much to worry about, but for a colder climate, this could be a deciding factor. Inclusions and weight. Does the sleeping bag come with a compression sack or carrying bag? This could be an extra feature to consider because you don’t want to travel with something that’s too bulky.


The weight of the sleeping bag when packed must be considered too. Also, don’t forget to check the brand and find more about the product through reviews. Check if the sleeping bag has positive reviews, and if two identical products from the same brand can be used together by zipping, it could be an advantage for dual travelers.


Frequently Asked Questions



What is the importance of sleeping bag liners?


Sleeping bag liner provides warmth and insulation to your sleeping bag. It also acts as a barrier between the synthetic interior and your dirty body, keeping your sleeping bag clean. Liner is considered to be the most underrated thing to buy.


Which fabric is best for sleeping bag liner?


Silk is considered the best fabric up to the temp of 50C. This fabric liner is compact, soft, and light. Merino wool is used for the temp between 5-100C, and it is a little pricey. Thermal synthetic can be used for temp up to 250C.


How can you wash a silk liner of the sleeping bag?


By using normal detergent, you can wash your sleeping bag in your home washing machine. Fabric softener must not be used, and you need to air dry the silk liner.



Final Word


Philmont weather can be fun and enjoyable, and good sleeping bags are like investments for your adventures. You can always check online to find more on what people have to say about a particular product. Make sure that the product is of good quality and is meant to last because you wouldn’t be replacing your sleeping bag at least for the next five years.

The experience at Philmont can be extremely pleasing, as long as you have the right things with you, especially a sleeping bag that’s meant to keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable.

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