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Buttering is when the snowboarder shifts his weight on one end of the board and shifts up the other end to slide with just one touching the snow. It looks like a buttering knife sliding and buttering a slice of bread, hence the name buttering. It certainly looks cool, but it is not one of the most challenging manoeuvres to pull off. So, if you’ve been struggling with it for a long time, it’s probably because you don’t have the best snowboard for buttering.

A shorter and moderately flexible board makes buttering easier than a longboard that’s too rigid or too flexible. Some other specifics and factors may also affect your buttering skills, but it’s an extensive topic. So let’s get straight to the point instead. To make things less complicated, here are five of the best snowboards that will make buttering a cakewalk for you.

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Capita SnowBoard for ButteringCapita Ultrafear
Men's Snowboard

- Size: Various Size

- High durability

- PLT Topsheet Technology

- SS Steel 4x2 Inserts
Capita Space SnowBoard for ButteringCapita Space Metal
Women's Snowboard

- Sublimation Base

- High durability

- 360 Degree Steel Edges

- Full ABS100 Sidewalls
Ride Kink Snowboard for ButteringRide Kink
Men's Snowboard

- Twin Hybrid Camber

- Quadratic Sidecut

- Sintered Base

- Slimewalls
STAUBER Summit Snowboard for ButteringSTAUBER Summit
Buttering Snowboard 

- Shape: Twin Directional

- White ABS Side Wall

- Rubber dampening strip

- 100% Poplar wood

- Large Binding
SPORTSSTUFF Snowboard for ButteringSportsStuff Snow Ryder
Hardwood Snowboard

- Size: 130cm for riders

- Weight Capacity: 80-150lbs

- Entry-level snowboard

- Ultra-smooth Bottom

- Easy Adjust Bindings


Top 5 Snowboard for Buttering


Capita Ultrafear Men’s Snowboard

Capita Ultrafear Mens Snowboard, Ultrafear - 147cm, durable, and lighter than rubber

Capita is a well-known brand, and their Ultrafear Men’s snowboard is a top-class product engineered for transitions, rails, and parks. The balance on its ends is superb due to its dense and powerful core built that offers durability and superior control.

The flex is also not too soft, not too stiff, making it perfect for buttering. With this one, you’ll surely master your skills and rule the park in no time.


What Makes It Good?

• Top-quality product
• Highly durable material
• Dense and powerful core built
• Moderate flexibility

What’s No Good?

• It is not much of an all-mountain snowboard, suits well in parks and urban settings.


Capita Space Metal Fantasy Women’s Snowboard

Capita Space Metal Fantasy Womens Snowboard, Sublimation Base,360 Degree Steel Edges

One more from Capita, but this one goes to the ladies. The Space Metal Fantasy Women’s Snowboard has a lightweight core with moderate flex and consistency. The board is engineered for maximum control and durability in all-mountain conditions and parks.

It has a new FSC certified dual-core impregnated with plant-based magic bean resin that offers superior strength without compromising on flexibility.


What Makes It Good?

• Suitable for women
• Durable and strong
• Twin flex
• All-mountain suitable
• FSC certified dual-core technology

What’s Not Good?

• It is an all-mountain board, but the narrow and lightweight built may not perform well on powder snow.


Ride Kink Men’s Snowboard

Ride Kink Mens Snowboard, Twin Hybrid Camber,

The Kink from Ride is one of the best boards for modern freestyle and street performances. It has a quadratic side cut that offers superior edge control and balance while performing the butter in parks.

The twin hybrid camber offers a smooth turn initiation and pop. It also has a cleave edge technology that provides the board with strength and durability. Overall, this one is built to last while you practice and master your skills.


What Makes It Good?

• Perfect for modern freestyle and street performances
• Quadratic side cut offer better edge control
• Cleave edge for strength and durability
• Hybrid camber

What’s Not Good?

• Not an all-mountain suitable


STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package

STAUBER Summit Snowboard for Buttering, Hybrid Profile Snowboard

And one from the masters. The STAUBER Summit snowboard & binding set is a complete package suitable for experts and beginners. The twin-directional hybrid profile boards are available in various sizes from 128 to 161.

The unique sandwich construction consists of up to 6 layers, making the board highly lightweight, strong, and flexible at the same time. The package also includes screws, locking washers, mounting discs, bindings, and a free STAUBER sticker. Overall, STAUBER has delivered with class and quality on this one.


What Makes It Good?

• Top-quality product
• Complete set with bindings, screws, locking washers, and mounting discs
• Free STAUBER sticker included
• Wide range of sizes from 128 to 161
• All-mountain suitable
• Suitable for beginners and professionals

What’s Not Good?

• It is a huge package and can seem a little expensive.


SportsStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

SPORTSSTUFF Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

SportsStuff Snow Ryder is a perfect cost-effective solution for beginners. Available in 110cm size suitable for 40-140lbs of rider weight, its hardwood core provides sufficient durability and flex.

The board is made to stay intact even after repetitive use. SportsStuff has also provided a simple hook and loop binding for easy adjustment for beginners.


What Makes It Good?

• Budget-friendly product
• Perfect for kids and beginners
• Hardwood core
• Strong and durable with sufficient flex
• Built to last

What’s Not Good?

• Does not have a metal edge and superior technology, making the board not suitable for resorts.


How to Buy the Right Snowboard?


Often when a board doesn’t suit you, it is because you made a wrong purchase. For best results, you need to make sure that the board you buy suits your needs perfectly. Here are a few tips that’ll help you find the right snowboard for yourself.




The first factor to notice is the size of the board. Check carefully whether the board supports your weight and size. The board length cannot be too short or too long. For superior control, the ideal length is when the tip of the board aligns with the tip of your nose once you are in position.




Flex plays a major role if you want to pull off tricks like buttering. The flex has to be moderate and even, allowing you can bend the board just enough to do the manoeuvre. Too flexible or too stiff, and you are going to have problems controlling the board.




Finally, you need to have a board that’s suitable for the terrain of choice. Practice boards are usually suitable only for parks and urban settings. So if you plan to snowboard in the mountains and resorts, you must go for the all-mountain suitable snowboards.


Snowboarding Safety Tips: Enjoy the Thrill Responsibly


A thrilling sport that provides adventure and excitement on the slopes is snowboarding. For the experience to be enjoyable and injury-free, safety must come first. Whatever your level of snowboarding experience, remember these safety measures to keep yourself safe:


Wear the Right Equipment: When snowboarding, make sure you have on the proper equipment, such as a helmet, goggles, wrist guards, and knee and elbow pads. Layer your clothing to stay warm and dry, and remember to use sunscreen to prevent windburn and sunburn.


Recognize Your Limitations: Be truthful about your ability level and limit your attempts to areas and techniques that you are familiar with. Take it slow and don’t push yourself too hard, especially when faced with difficult circumstances like steep or slippery terrain.


Warm-Up and Stretch: To lower your chance of strains and injuries, spend some time warming up your muscles and stretching before hitting the slopes. The muscles in your legs, back, and core should receive special treatment because they are used extensively during snowboarding.


Learn Appropriate Techniques: Learn how to turn, stop, and handle various types of terrain by enrolling in courses with a licensed teacher. Starting off with proper form will help you avoid mishaps and perform better all around.


Remain Aware of Your Environment: When riding the hills, keep an eye out for other riders as well as your surroundings. Give way to cyclists going downhill, check before hopping onto trails, and refrain from halting in places where you could block the way of others.


Observe Trail Signs and Markings: Become acquainted with the various trail signs and markings, which comprise warnings for potential hazards such as cliffs, moguls, or icy areas, as well as difficulty levels (green for beginner, blue for intermediate, and black for advanced). For your own safety, heed these warnings and show consideration for trail closures.


Keep Yourself Hydrated and Refueled: Throughout the day, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. You should also take regular breaks to relax and refuel. Snowboarding can be physically taxing, so pay attention to your body and know when to relax to avoid being tired and keep your concentration.


Be Ready for Anything: Keep your cell phone charged and have the resort’s or the ski patrol’s emergency contact information on hand. Learn the fundamentals of first aid, and ride with a companion at all times in case of mishaps or emergencies.


Avoid Riding Alone in Remote regions: Although it can be tempting to venture into backcountry or off-piste riding, it is safer to ride in groups and stick to regions that are patrolled by ski resorts. If you do travel to distant locations, be sure you have the tools and expertise needed for backcountry travel, such as avalanche safety equipment and training.


Frequently Asked Question


Q) What Is Buttering?


A) Buttering is a snowboarding skill, where the rider slides on the snow by lifting one end of the board and balancing on the other end. The manoeuvre looks like a knife buttering a slice of bread. You need moderate skills and a snowboard that’s lightweight, short, and moderately flexible to pull off the buttering manoeuvre.


Q) I am just a beginner. Do I need an expensive board to learn skills?


A) As a beginner, the best option for you would be to buy snowboards designed for beginners. These boards are durable, easy to control, and overall budget-friendly. You won’t have to worry about damaging the board, and therefore, you can practice freely if you buy a beginner’s board first.


Q) Do Side Cuts Really Matter?


A) Yes, they do. While turning, the sides of your board will be in contact more than the base—experts like a seamless side cut, allowing them to turn and perform more effortlessly. The quadratic side cuts may be suitable for beginners, as it allows you to understand how much of the board is in contact with the snow on turns and adjust accordingly.




And that’s an end to this fruitful discussion about which is the best snowboard for buttering. Experts can pull off this skill on just any snowboard, but if you are a beginner, you would want to have a board that’s short, flexible, and controllable at the same time. The solution? Buy one of the snowboards on this list, and you got nothing to worry about.

Just get one now and get ready to hit the snow in style.

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