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Before we discuss waist trainers, let’s start by understanding FUPA. It is short for Fat Upper Pelvic Area. If you have a chubby pelvic area, which is the area between your lower abdomen and above your pubic area, you have FUPA. Both men and women can have FUPA, and it could be a result of many factors, such as excessive weight loss and pregnancy.

Expectedly, this can impact a person’s confidence and ruin their shape. The good news is some amazing waist trainers can help. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about choosing the best waist trainer for FUPA, along with five products we love.

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- Fabric: 100% Latex

- Size: Body Fit

- Color: D-beige

- Material: Cotton


- Closure: Hook and Eye
YIANNA Waist Trainer for WomenYIANNA Waist Trainer for Women

- Fabric: 100% Latex

- Size: Body Fit

- Color: Black

- Material: Cotton

- Brand: YIANNA

- Closure: Hook and Eye
HOPLYNN Sports Bra Waist TrainerHOPLYNN Waist Trainer

- Fabric: Neoprene

- Color: Black

- Material: Neoprene

- Brand: HOPLYNN

- Closure: Zipper
TrainingGirl Waist Trainer for FUPATrainingGirl Waist Trainer

- Size: MultiSize

- Color: Black

- Material: Neoprene

- Brand: TrainingGirl

- Closure: Zipper
YIANNA Weight Loss Body Shaper or FUPAYIANNA Weight Loss
FUPA Shapewear

- Fabric: Latex

- Color: Black

- Material: Rubber, Cotton

- Brand: YIANNA

- Closure: Hook and Eye

- Fabric: Latex

- Benefits: Waist Reduction

Reviewing Top 5 Waist Trainer for FUPA


ECOWALSON Waist Trainer for Women – Best-rated waist trainer for FUPA

Waist Trainer for Women Corset Cincher Body Shaper, FUPA Body Shaper Girdle Trimmer

This waist trainer comes with fish-scale memory Flexi-steel bones to offer support without restricting your movement. If you have FUPA, this product is just right with enough compression.

It is made of 100% Natural Latex covering, which makes it useful and comfortable, while six hooks-and-eyes closures make it easy to wear and remove the trainer.

• 6 hooks-and-eyes closures
• 100% Natural Latex covering
• 96% Cotton linen
• Easy to wear
• 9 fish-scale memory flexi-steel bones
• Tightens abdomen muscles
• Ideal for diverse use

• Slightly expensive


YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women – Top reviewed waist trainer for FUPA

YIANNA Waist Trainer for Fupa

This is a latex waist trainer that comes with a “hook and eye” closure for easy removal. The product ensures that you feel abdominal pressure, but not too strong enough that you cannot withstand wearing the waist trainer.

This product is also useful for new mothers trying for weight loss after childbirth. The Cotton-spandex lining adds to comfort, while 100% natural latex adds to the durability.

• 100% natural latex
• Hook and eye closure
• Cotton-spandex lining
• Postpartum necessary shaper
• Offers lumbar support
• Helps in reducing pain

• None


HOPLYNN Sports Bra + Sauna Vest + Waist Trainer – Best affordable waist trainer for FUPA

HOPLYNN Sauna Sweat Vest Waist Trainer for FUPA

This waist trainer is made of neoprene and comes with a zipper & Velcro closure for added compression. The product comes with an integrated version, which can include the sports bra and turn the trainer into a bodysuit that makes you sweat more.

This is ideal for more outdoor and exercise activities, and you can expect to see results by wearing the waist trainer for 30 minutes each day.

Please note that the size chart may vary with each brand, and it is best to take fresh measurements before buying a product.

• Made of Neoprene
• Comes with a zipper & Velcro closure
• Can be used while exercising
• Users can experience benefits by wearing the product for 30 minutes a day
• Easy to wear and remove

• Doesn’t offer maximum compression


TrainingGirl Waist Trainer– Best overall waist trainer for FUPA

TrainingGirl Women Waist Trainer for FUPA

If you are allergic to latex, you can consider this waist trainer that’s made from 100% neoprene composite finest fabric.

The zipper closure makes it super easy to wear and remove the trainer, and the product creates enough compression but doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

The waist belt will make you sweat more, and you can wear this to your gym underneath your sports clothing. The steel bone structure offers enough support for the waist.

• Zipper closure
• 100% neoprene composite finest fabric
• Comfortable and durable
• Comes with a steel bone structure for lumbar support
• Great for postpartum weight loss
• Works like weight loss corset

• You need to wear the trainer for longer hours for effective results


YIANNA Weight Loss Body Shaper– Best body-shaping waist trainers for FUPA

YIANNA Latex SportWaist Trainer for FUPA

This product from YIANNA is one of the best-rated waist trainers out there for FUPA. The latex fabric is meant for added compression for more sweating, while the hook-and-eye closure ensures easy removal.

Note that the product comes with waist cincher support thanks to the steel bone structure. The inner layer is made mostly of cotton, which adds to comfort.

• 100% latex design
• 96% Cotton+4% Spandex Lining
• Comes with hook-and-eye closure
• Sizes available
• Covered boning for added support
• Ideal for exercising

• Not the cheapest one
• Must be used regularly for an effective outcome


How to Choose a Waist Trainer for FUPA?


As the name suggests, FUPA waist trainers are designed to cover the entire abdomen working like a compression garment. Think of this as a corset for modern times. Some of the biggest celebrities swear by these waist trainers, designed to shape the body naturally, without surgery.


Find your fit:


Before buying waist trainers, take your measurements and ensure that you refer to the size chart to find the right option. While you can find waist trainers in local stores, consider buying online if you want to keep things discreet.

Don’t assume that wearing a size smaller than yours will help. You need one that fits your body, and for that, the size chart will matter. Note that brands have different charts for sizing. A good waist trainer should allow you to move around easily.


Check the materials


Some waist trainers are made of latex, while others are made of blended fabrics. While this is a matter of personal choice, breathability is a big factor. If you are feeling too uncomfortable, you wouldn’t be able to wear the shapewear for long.


Pick a good brand


As you wear waist trainers time and again, it would lose the initial strength and elasticity. You can prevent these concerns for a while by opting for a good brand. Make sure that you select a reliable brand that is meant to stand out, and don’t forget to review their size recommendations. A waist trainer that’s too loose will not help with FUPA.

Make sure that you buy at least a couple of waist trainers and shapewear so that you can compare your choices and wear them alternatively.


Infographic: How To Pick The Right Shapewear For FUPA


Best Waist Trainer for FUPA


Frequently asked questions


1. Are waist trainers and shapewear effective for reducing FUPA?


The short answer is yes. Not all types of shapewears can help with FUPA, so make sure that you have a waist trainer meant for the purpose. You need to wear the product for long hours to get the desired benefits.

There is evidence that waist training can shape the bulges and enhancing abdominal shape. The Kardashian sisters have also talked of waist training time and again. It is, however, important to have realistic expectations from waist trainers. You will still need to focus on your diet and exercise regimen.


2. What type of waist trainers is best for FUPA?


If you are looking to shape and tone your body, you can go ahead with regular shapewear. However, waist trainers meant for FUPA need to be compressing enough for the abdominal area.

You should be able to wear and remove the product without much effort. More hooks, better materials, and added compression are aspects to consider.


3. Do I need to diet and exercise if I am wearing waist trainers?


Yes, absolutely. While waist trainers can help with reducing FUPA, you need a more sustainable way of weight loss. For that, diet and exercise do have a prominent role. If you can, consider going on a low-carb diet for maximum benefits.


Final word


If you are concerned about the appearance and shape of your pelvic area, a waist trainer is one of the better investments to consider. Take your time to get used to the product and start with a few hours each day. As your body gets used to the waist trainers, you can consider wearing them for as long as needed. Don’t forget to check online stores for designs and discounts.


Check out my VIDEO Review of Best Waist Trainer for FUPA


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