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For the health and well-being of your cat, you need to make clean water available. But, how can you make clean water available to your cat throughout the day? If you collect water in a pan, it will accumulate dirt and other unwanted particles.

The perfect solution comes in the form of a portable water fountain, which you can place anywhere in your house. This way, your cat will get access to clean water whenever required. When choosing, you will definitely want the Best Water Drinking Fountain for Cats.

So, this guide has cat water drinking fountain reviews along with the essential tips to purchase the best product. Let’s begin!





Multiple Cat Water FountainsKastty Cat Water Fountain

- 2 Water Modes

- 3L Large Capacity

- Dual Filtration System

- LED Light
3L Cat Water Fountain3L Cat Water Fountain

- Transparent

- Plastic Material

- 2.3 Ounces

- Electric cord
Cat Water FountainVeken Automatic Cat Water Fountain

- Blue Color

- 2.5L Capacity

- BPA free

- 3 Water Modes

- 3 filtration system
128 oz cat water fountainDrinkwell 360 Fountain Stainless Steel

- Lovable Design

- 84oz Capacity

- BPA free

- 3 Water Modes
2.5 L cat water fountainMOSPRO Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser

- Plastic Material

- 0.45 Pounds

- Stays clean longer
1.6L Automatic Cat FountainisYoung Cat Fountain 1.6L Automatic

- 1.6L Capacity

- Noise-cancelling

- Low energy consumption

- AC Pump


Reviewing Top 7 Water Fountains for Multiple Cats


Kastty Cat Water Fountain

Kastty Cat Water Fountains, Pet Water Fountain, 3L/101oz Kitty Water Fountains

Kastty Cat Water Fountain is a great fountain that attracts your cats to have water all day long. The product flaunts an attractive body which is ideal for luring your pet. It is effortless to operate and works nicely for two weeks straight, ensuring that your pets get enough water even if you are out on vacation.

We liked that the product contains a food filter made of a PP cotton layer and an activated coconut carbon shell that helps get rid of impurities by about 99%, ensuring hygienic water. Further, the fountain has two modes of water flow – a gentle and a flower one, which makes it convenient to select water flow.

The filter stops working when the water level reaches 650 ml and indicates the same with the help of LED lights which makes the product effective.

• Attractive with bright colors
• Contains two modes
• BPA free

• It doesn’t work if the water level is below 650 ml.


NPET Cat Water Fountain

NPET Cat Water Fountain

NPET Cat Water Fountain is a great product for those who are looking for a simplistic design with amazing efficiency. Sporting a transparent body, the design exudes a very simple format that makes it easier to monitor the water level.

Further, the product carries a simple one-touch release mechanism that makes it easy to change and cleanse the filter.

We like the flow mode of the fountain, which is a waterfall, spring, and foundation mode giving ample opportunity to adjust the flow as per your cat drinking requirements.

You can be assured of clean and hygienic water as the activated carbon filter, and filter cotton offer multiple filtrations, ensuring that you get pure water only.

Additionally, the product doesn’t make much noise, and the pump is efficiently designed that reflects directly on low utility bills.

NPET Cat Water Fountain checks all the boxes when considering a product that is elegant and efficient.

• Beautiful transparent body
• Water can be stored for 1 week
• BPA free
• Non-toxic

• Nothing as such


Veken Automatic Cat Water Drinking Fountain

This is a beautiful drinking fountain with a flower design and contains an ultra-quiet pump. The pump requires a very low consumption of power, which provides a life of 2.5 to 4 years.

The circulation system offers hygienic water to your cat all day. The water bowl is free from any BPA with a non-toxic body. The operation and cleaning take no effort. Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters & 1 Silicone Mat for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets


• The capacity of 2.5L for 84oz water
• Three flow designs
• Triple-layer filtration
• Non-toxic material


• The size is suitable for small to medium-sized pets only


Drinkwell 360 Cat Water Fountain – Stainless Steel

With this fountain, you will get a water capacity of 128 oz, which makes it suitable for all sizes of pets. You can also leverage this one when there are multiple cats in your home. There are 5 falling streams to encourage drinking more water.

The streams are also customizable in terms of flow. The 360-degree design allows every pet to drink at the same time as others. The design is safe for dishwasher cleaning. Drinkwell 360 Fountain Stainless Steel,LARGE WATER CAPACITY: 128 oz,EASY-TO-CLEAN


• Larger capacity to store water
• Carbon filtration system to remove bad odor and taste
• Customizable 360-degree streams
• Simple cleaning


• The price might seem expensive to some people


MOSPRO Cat Fountain Water Dispenser

MOSPRO has a fun water drinking fountain design with a large capacity of 2 liters. So, you won’t have to replenish very frequently. The PP material is polished with antibacterial elements and has an automatic bowl of water.

The body has no odor, plus, it is non-toxic and BPA-free. The quick-release system makes its removal as well as cleaning easier. The filtration system provides clean and hygienic water continuously for your cat. MOSPRO Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser,Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Fountain,Automatic Electric Water Bowl with 2 Replacement Filters for Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals Blue


• Non-toxic material
• Low consumption motor with no noise
• Three settings of water flow


• It requires frequent cleaning


isYoung Cat Drinking Water Fountain (1.6L Automatic)

This fountain has an automatic filtration system to provide fresh water. The whole body has a PP resin polish without any BPA to ensure the hygiene and health of your pet. The water bowl provides a water capacity of 56 ounces to let your cat drink more water.

The components are easy to disassemble and assemble to help you clean faster. The dispenser has a noise-canceling design. isYoung Cat Fountain 1.6L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Pet Water Dispenser, Dog/Cat Health Caring Fountain and Hygienic Dog Fountain


• Large capacity of 56 ounces
• PP resin, non-toxic body
• Quick-release body components
• Noise-cancellation


• You will have to rinse the filter every time before using


How to Buy the Best Water Drinking Fountain for Cats?


• Check the filtration system and its capability to provide hygienic and clean water. The water should not contain any sort of odor, or bad taste.


• Large capacity to add water is also necessary, especially if you have a big cat or multiple cats. So, make sure the capacity of the fountain aligns with the size and number of cats.


• The design should be made from non-toxic materials. Plus, it should encourage cats to drink more water throughout the day. Many advanced water drinking fountains are made to deliver an adjustable flow of streams. This way, you can adjust the stream that will make drinking easier for your cat.


• Simple cleaning is important, so you won’t have to spend hours in the process. The body should be removal conveniently. If possible, you should choose a dishwasher-free steel design to further reduce the struggle of cleaning.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does a cat need a water drinking fountain?

Cats require pure and freshwater for maintaining good health. Water is essential to flush out toxins from the body. It will also help to keep the body hydrated and improve the drinking habits of the cats.


How regularly should you clean the water in the water fountain?

You should change the water in the water drinking fountain at least once a week and replace the fountain filters regularly. This will help your furry member to be happy as it gets pure and fresh clean water.


Do cat fountains require a lot of electricity to function?

The unit of electricity is kilowatt-hour and, for a water drinking fountain, it can range between 10-12/kilowatt hour depending on the location. It is cheap in comparison to other devices we use at home. So, it can be used regularly without worry about a major bill amount.



The health of your cat depends on the quality and quantity of water it receives. You can take care of this simply by choosing the best water drinking fountain. So, use the mentioned tips and make your final selection.

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