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Whether you are an avid climber that has been doing it for years, or even someone brand new to the sport, there is one thing that is very important: a harness.

This harness is what will make climbing possible. The only thing is, you want to make sure that you have the right one. Not all climbing harnesses are necessarily created equal.

You want a rock climbing harness that is durable and can hold your weight, as well as be comfortable when you wear it. This comfort usually is most important during hanging.

A harness that doesn’t fit properly or digs into your legs or waist is one sure way to ruin a good climb.

This is what we are here to help you with. We have gathered information on our favorite climbing harnesses for women climbers. These harnesses are going to be some of the most comfortable and versatile ones around.

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CAMP Supernova climbersCAMP Supernova

- Women Specific

- Contoured Waistbelt

- 4 Gear loops
Black Diamond Solution Guide - Women'sBlack Diamond Solution
Guide - Women's

- Added Padding

- Abrasion Resistance

- Stiff Leg Loops
Black Diamond Solution - Women'sBlack Diamond
Solution - Women's

- Fusion Comfort Technology

- Thin Waistbelt

- Tapered Leg Loops
Black Diamond Momentum - Women'sBlack Diamond
Momentum - Women's

- Speed Adjust Buckles

- trakFIT Leg Loops

- Dual Core Construction
Misty Mountain SilhouetteMisty Mountain Silhouette
- Made in USA

- 4” Wide Waistbelt

- Extra Hydrating

- High Shea Butter


Top 5 Women’s Climbing Harness

Here we are going to look a little bit closer at our favorite harnesses that are great for women climbers. These rock climbing harnesses are some of the most comfortable harnesses available.


CAMP Supernova

Camp USA Supernova Harness - Women's, Color: Blue/Green, Weight: 373g/13.2oz,3 mm EVA foam padding

The Camp brand actually offers more than 15 harnesses, but the Supernova is one specifically designed for women climbers. This harness can be used for any type of climbing.

It is a highly versatile rock climbing harness that is also comfortable and lightweight.

The waistbelt is even contoured to hug the unique shape of a woman’s body. The inside of the belt has webbing designs that are split down the middle.

The top webbing contours around the top edge while the bottom contours through the middle. This middle contouring helps prevent cupping of the belt.

Another plus of the harness is that it comes with 4 gear loops that are plastic covered and have highly flexible attachment points. This also includes 2 points in the back and 2 ice clipper slots on each side between the gear loops.

The leg loops, like the waistbelt, also come with the 3 mm EVA padding that makes this rock climbing harness very comfortable for hanging in without making it big and bulky.



• Women Specific
• Contoured Waistbelt
• 4 Gear loops Cons


• May not fit all sizes
• Not quite as durable


Black Diamond Solution Guide – Women’s

Black Diamond Solution Guide - Women's

One of the most popular brands in the market is Black Diamon. Their Solution Guide is just one of their great harnesses.

This harness is one that is very versatile and is great for any type of climbing. The Guide is a step up from the Black Diamond Solution by adding more padding and its abrasion resistance.

The wide waistbelt and stiffer leg loops actually help with weight distribution, which is what makes it so comfortable to hang in.

The super fabric and stiffer design also add to the durability of the harness.

The only drawback of the added padding and other things is that the harness is not so comfortable to stand in. It actually has limited mobility when walking due to the construction of the harness.

However, on the other side, there is also an extra gear loop in the back. This means the harness has a total of 5 gear loops.



• 5 Gear loops
• Extremely durable
• Abrasion resistance



• A little more pricy
• Bulkier


Black Diamond Solution – Women’s

Black Diamond Solution - Women's, Color: Caspian, Pre-threaded speed adjust waistbelt

The second harness from the Black Diamond line is their Solution.

The company has found a way to make a lightweight, breathable, and non-padded harness that is actually very comfortable, no matter what you are climbing.

Though it is a tape-style harness, it is actually very comfortable, even when you are hanging. It utilizes the Fusion Comfort Technology, which is 3 strands of webbing, in the waistbelt and leg loops.

This technology helps distribute your weight and minimize pressure points.

Since the rock climbing harness is so small, it is actually pretty comfortable to stand around in as well. Plus, the smaller paddings are extremely breathable. This means you won’t be sweating quite as much.

One problem the harness does have is that it isn’t an all size type of harness. This means for some women it will land right on the hipbones instead of over them.



• Very lightweight
• Breathable
• Tapered leg loops



• Fixed leg loops
• Not the most versatile for different body types


Black Diamond Momentum – Women’s

Black Diamond Momentum - Women's

The Momentum is another harness from the Black Diamond line and is very popular in the crags and gyms across the country. Not only is it easy to put on and take off, but also lightweight and comfortable.

This harness has 2 bands of webbing on the outside of its waistbelt, which has a foam insert to offer more padding and comfort.

The leg loops utilize the trakFIT sliding adjusters so you can get the right fit. This system is said to give you the adjustability of a regular buckle, but also the reliability of fixed leg loops.

The only catch here is that the thick padding does not breathe very well. This problem makes the harness, not the greatest choice for climbing in warmer climates. The padding also makes the harness a little bulky when you are standing.

Even with bulky padding, the rock climbing harness is actually very lightweight too.



• Easy to use gear loops
• Adjustable leg loops
• Very comfortable



• No waist belt ventilation
• A bit bulky


Misty Mountain Silhouette

Misty Mountain Silhouette

Misty Mountain is more well-known for its hefty Cadillac harness. However, this slightly less beefy harness, the Silhouette, is just as noteworthy.

The Silhouette is an all-around harness that offers just as much comfort and support but in a smaller, and slightly less bulky, model. It is a great option for traditional and/or sport climbing.

This harness is extremely comfy when it comes time to hang around for a minute. In fact, it seems to be the most comfortable harness for this reason.

However, the same things that make it so comfortable, also make it bulky and hot when you are just standing. They also make it a little bit more warm while wearing it.

One thing that helps make the harness so comfortable is the waist belt. It is 4 inches wide in the back and gets smaller as it comes around to the front and comes with plenty of padding.

Speaking of padding, the leg loops also have thicker padding.



• Padded waistbelt
• Customizable from manufacturer
• Made in the USA



• Fairly heavy
• Pretty bulky


How to Find the Right Climbing Harness for Women?

Here’s are the key points that you need to check before you buy the climbing harness.




The padding plays a key role is it offers you comfort while you climb with the harness. Therefore, the first thing you must check is the padding. Make sure that the padding is sufficient, comfortable, and durable for long-term use. If the padding is too soft, it can deform quickly, and if it is too rough, you can get rashes on your skin. So go for moderate padding if you are going to use it frequently.




You wouldn’t want to add extra weight when you are climbing. When you are on a climb, every extra ounce is a burden. So always go for a lightweight harness. That way, you can have maximum protection without adding any extra weight to your body while climbing.




Finally, check the additional features and looping systems on each harness and go for the most convenient one. You must look for a harness that you can put on and remove quickly. That way, you don’t have to waste a lot of time putting on the harness.


Frequently Asked Questions


We have taken into account the questions that we get asked the most and have provided answers to the questions.


What size harness do I need?


The size harness a climber need varies with their body size and shape.

Harnesses should fit tight enough that it can not be pulled down or just slip down on its own. However, you also will not want a harness that is so tight that it digs into your body while wearing it.

One rule of thumb is that the adjustment buckles should be as close to the middle of the strap as possible rather than on either end.


What is the difference between men’s and women’s harnesses?


Men and women are, in general, built differently.

For the most part, harnesses meant for women have a larger distance between the waistbelt and leg loops than a men’s harness. This is because women usually wear the belt above the hip bones where men wear them on the hips.

Women’s models are usually designed to fit around the waist instead of around the hips.


What makes a good climbing harness?


While the perfect climbing harness is more of a personal preference, there are a few features that can really set a good harness apart from the others.

These features often include adjustable leg loops with buckles, at least 4 gear loops, durable padding. It is preferred that the climbing harness also be fairly lightweight.


Section 10: Conclusion

Making sure you have the right gear for your next climbing adventure, or even your first climbing adventure is extremely important.

This should start with your climbing harness. Our favorite from the list is the Solution Guide from Black Diamond.

This harness is one that is great for any type of climbing and has extra padding to make it that much more comfortable, even when you are hanging.

It is also very durable and comes with a total of 5 easy attachable gear loops.

When it comes to finding the perfect climbing harness, your best options will always depend on your personal preferences and needs. The best thing to do is to test out the harness before completely committing to purchasing it.


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