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A clogged toilet or a sink is one of the worst nightmares one can have. Stubborn clogging won’t clear up with a normal plunge, and you can’t use the toilet till the plumber comes and repairs it.

But there is no other solution to it, right? Wrong! In fact, there is a solid solution that works every time. Introducing Bomba Stick- The one-of-a-kind DIY Plumbing device.

Bomba Stick is an innovative plunger that allows you to unclog your pipes effortlessly. Today we’ll give you a quick take on this device so that you can figure out whether you need it or not.


Bomba Stick Features


Cordless DIY Plumbing Device, Bomba Stick PlungerBomba Stick is a unique and powerful DIY plunger that allows you to clear off those clogged pipes in a matter of minutes. It has a powerful air compressor that builds up air pressure and releases it through a nozzle to unclog the pipes. It also has a patented anti-regurgitation tech that blocks the nozzle quickly and prevents regurgitation mess.


How To Use?


Using the Bomba Stick Plunge is extremely easy. You just need to connect the plunge with the air compressor and then connect to a power supply. Once done, turn on the compressor, and you can see the air pressure rising on the pressure gauge.

Once the desired pressure is reached, press the button again, and the compressor will stop. Once done, you can disconnect the power supply and use Bomba Stick as a wireless device now. Take it to the clogged pipe and press the release button, and Bomba Stick will shoot out a powerful burst of air, capable of clearing even heavily clogged pipes.

As soon as you shoot the air, a quick expansion membrane expands to block regurgitation. It is a unique patented technology that stops sludge from flowing back into the nozzle.


A Quality Product

Bomba Stick Plunger

Bomba Stick has been tested rigorously on a wide range of blocked pipes. From kitchen sinks to heavily clogged toilets, Bomba Stick handles it all without creating a mess. It also has a quick-charging system that allows you to charge this device within seconds. Overall, this is a highly useful device to have at your home.

The Pros

• A compact and lightweight device
• Easy to assemble and use
• Charge within 10 seconds
• Effortlessly clears heavily clogged systems
• Patented regurgitation tech prevents reverse flow
• Smooth performance
• Requires minimal human effort

The Cons

Overall, we find this product to be well-made. There aren’t any noticeable imperfections in design and performances. However, let’s try to do some injustice and figure some flaws.

• The pressure gauge is analog
• Bomba Stick can provide some additional fittings and color options as well.




Honestly, the cons we have mentioned are totally irrelevant. This unique DIY plumbing device is actually well-made to perfection, and we don’t think it needs anything more. So, our take is a big resounding yes. If you have been facing clogged pipes quite often, this product is surely a must-have for you.

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