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Hair gel is not anymore for just keeping frizzy hair in place. Gone are the days when it was used to keep hair from getting all over the place. Today, hair gel is regarded as the most effective product for styling hair. Whether you want to slick back your hair or wish to try a mohawk, you can do it with ease with the right hair gel.

However, there are so many brands and products that choosing the perfect one might seem like a challenge. And since we understand and acknowledge this, we dish out here the top five hair gels for spikes and other styles. Check out-

In a hurry? My favorite is this Garnier Fructis Power Gel. See it at Amazon.





GELACTICA - Edge Control Hair Gel for SpikesRock-It 6' Albert Surfboard

Garnier Fructis Power GelGarnier Fructis Power Gel

Joico Ice Spiker Styling GlueJoico Ice Spiker Styling Glue

Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair GlueGot2b Glued Styling Spiking
Hair Glue

Joico Ice Spiker GlueJoico Ice Spiker Glue

SEXYHAIR Style Hard Up Hard Holding GelSEXYHAIR Style Hard Up
Hard Holding Gel


Reviewing the Top 6 Hair Gel for Spikes or Mohawks


GELACTICA – Edge Control Hair Gel

GELACTICA - Edge Control Hair Gel

GELACTICA Edge Control Hair Gel is a 100% natural hair product that contains essential ingredients like Willow Bark Sage, Amalaki, Saw Palmetto, Horsetail Grass, Vitamins A C E, Panthenol B5, and Argan Oil.

This hair gel is extremely easy to use and does not leave any residue on your hair. Overall, this hair gel is a great hair styling product that nourishes your hair and holds the style for a long time.

• 100% Natural Product
• Strong hair hold for a long time
• Nourishes the hair
• Contains high-quality ingredients
• Leaves no flakes and residue

• It has a strong smell


Garnier Fructis Power Gel, Spike Explosion, 24h Extreme Hold 10


One of the issues that we generally face when we use hair gels is that they don’t hold the hair in place for as long as we want. Thankfully, Garnier Fructis Style Power Gel is a winner in this regard. It offers an extreme hold on hair for a full 24 hours.

So, whether you have styled your hair for a wedding reception or an overnight party, it will stay put without you having to go for a touch-up. And since it is a pack of four bottles, it will last you really long.

Garnier Fructis Power Gel, Spike Explosion, 24h Extreme Hold 10, 9 oz- Pack of 4


• It doesn’t get stiff, overly fast.
• A little goes a long way. A pea-size amount is sufficient to style your short hair.
• It’s not extremely sticky to touch.
• Ideal even for super thick hair.
• Sold in a pack of four.


• Some might find it too crunchy for their liking.


Joico Ice Spiker Styling Glue


If you want to offer your hair a defined texture, then this is the product for you. It also offers a virtually water-resistant grip. With only a bit of this product, you can set your hair in any shape- you can also create completely straightened-out spikes. And that is why it is one of the best hair gels for spiking hair.

It gives your hair the protection of sea kelp, catalysts, and vitamins while styling it the way you like. With sweet milk and honey fragrance, it provides for a pleasant user experience. But to get the most out of this product, apply it on damp or towel-dried hair.

Joico Ice Spiker Styling Glue, 16.9 Fluid Ounce,Milk and honey fragrance


• It contains ingredients like vinyl and resin, which give it a thick glue-like consistency.
• It has not been tested on animals.
• Since it acts as glue, you can give your hair any desired shape.
• Comes in an easy-to-use push-pump container.


• Might damage your hair with repeated use.


Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue


The USB of this product is that it has been wind tunnel tested. Now, what does that mean? Well, that means it has been tested to withstand even extreme conditions such as a strong wind. What else? This is a great Hair Gel for Mohawks. You can also create grips, chunks and spikes with it.

Interestingly, it can be used to give your hair a decent look or a completely messy and unstructured look. And since it is water-resistant, your hairstyle continues to be in shape for real long time.

Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue, 6 Ounce (Count of 3)


• This hair gel is ideal even for thick hair.
• You only need a little product to freeze your hairstyle completely.
• The fragrance is mild.
• Offers great texture.
• It’s easy to use.



Might leave white residue on the hair.


Joico Ice Spiker Glue


This product offers a stronghold on hair while keeping it moisturized. It does not just provide texture to your hair but also a lot of hydration, just perfect for styling short hair with spikes. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t leave any residue when you wash it off.

By applying this hair gel, you get shiny, sleek, and soft hair that simply looks desirable.

Joico Ice Spiker Glue, 5.1 oz, 2 pk, Ingredients:-Water, Aqua, Eau, VP, VA Copolymer, Vinyl Caprolactam


• Takes care of your hair’s beauty as well as health.
• It is a water-resistant styling glue.
• Also good for untamable and unruly hair.
• Has got a pleasant fragrance.
• Best for messy spikes.



• Doesn’t work well on dry hair.



SEXYHAIR Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel


With this product on, your hair shines all day and stays in place. You can use it on dry as well as damp hair. And irrespective of your type of hair- whether curly, wavy, straight, or fine, you can use it without hassle to enviably style your hair.

When you apply it to wet hair, you get a sculpted and refined look. And to dry hair, it gives an attractively messy look. In other words, this product is ideal for all kinds of occasions- meetings that are solemn and serious as well as parties that absolutely give your spirits a free rein.

SEXYHAIR Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel


• It’s a water-soluble hair gel and will easily leave your hair when you shampoo it.
• Shining agents like titanium dioxide and mica have been used in it for shine.
• It’s a non-flaking product.
• Smells good.
• A hard-holding product perfect for all types of hair.


• It might be a little pricey for some.


Now let’s talk about a few tips on how to buy the right hair gel –


•  The first and most important thing to keep in mind is the holding capacity of the product. So, whether the product offers a strong, medium, or weak-hold is something you need to pay attention to.

•  Make sure your hair gel not too sticky. Extremely sticky hair gel is uncomfortable to use.

•  Another essential thing to consider is the smell of the product. If you are allergic to strong smells, then see to it that your hair gel smells mildly pleasant or doesn’t let out any smell.

•  Also, hair gels come with various nutritive ingredients like vitamins, nowadays. If you want styling and protection at the same time, then you should choose a hair gel having nutrition infused in it.

•  You get separate hair gels for matte and shiny looks. Choose your product based on the kind of finish you want.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I spike my hair with gel?

Take a small amount of gel, pomade, or wax in hand. Warm up the gel by rubbing it in between the palms. The product should be obtained in your fingers as it will be used for running the product formed through your hair.


Is there any side effect of overusing hair gel?

Hair gel, if overused, can cause greasiness and flakes. If the hair is not washed in a proper way after using gel, the mixture of product and oil is formed on the scalp. However, these gels are not harmful if you use them in the right amount.


Which products can be used to spike the hair?

Pomades, waxes, or gels can be used to spike the hair. These products can be easily washed out when required. The holding capacity of these products is an amazing feature that keeps hair at the appropriate place.


Infographic: How to Put up a Mohawk With hair gel


How to Put up a Mohawk With hair gel



Final Words – 


Out of all the hair styling products that are available on the market, hair gel is probably the most affordable and popular. If you too find hair gels fun and convenient to use, there is no reason why you shouldn’t swear by them.

And in case you feel clueless about which product to pick according to your requirements, then the above list of items will definitely help you be decisive in this regard. Starting from the best mohawk gel to the best spike maker, you get all sorts of hair gels in the above list. Try whatever meets your needs perfectly!

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