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JERRYCAN WATER BOTTLE - Water For A ChangeJerrycan Eco Water Bottle is a water container with a distinct look, inspired by the oldest kinds of containers used for storing liquid since World War II. It is part of an initiative brought by JERRYBAG that aims to support Ugandan children who have to travel around 6 km every day to access clean drinking water.

With every pledge for one Jerrycan, one JERRYBAG is donated to a Ugandan child. Because the women in Uganda produce these bags, the campaign also helps supplement their income and livelihood.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the features.




Flaunting a rugged design, the Jerrycan water bottle is incredibly stylish. With a rectangular and flat structure, these water bottles represent a mini Jerrycan – a reminder of what they represent. You will also find them in several colors, such as khaki, yellow, and transparent.




Coming with an ergonomic design, the Jerrycan water bottle can be carried easily with a single hand. While the 400 ml bottle is slim and fits almost anywhere, the 800 ml bottle comes with a recessed back and front, offering a better grip around the edges.


Compact & Mobile


Because the design is so compact, you can carry your Jerrycan water bottle anywhere anytime. Never worry about not having clean water to drink whenever you’re on the go! Whether you’re going for a jog or your office, you can have your water bottle at all times.

If you want something that can fit inside your pocket, the 400 ml bottle will be perfect for you. If you need more water to drink, use the 800 ml bottle and attach it to your bag using a carabiner, and you’re all set to make the move.


Phone Mount


The Jerrycan water bottle isn’t just a water bottle. In fact, you can use it to mount your phone. The space between the handle and bottle cap allows you to securely rest your phone and use it at your convenience.

From taking selfies to watching YouTube videos while working out, you can do everything. If you want to take calls or join meetings using your phone, you can rely on your Jerrycan water bottle to support your phone.


Customizable with Stickers


If you want to decorate your water bottle, you can do it with the antibacterial sticker pack you’ll receive with your Jerrycan water bottle. Personalize your bottle to make it as funky as you want it to look.


Pros & Cons

Let’s highlight some of the prominent pros and cons of this product.



• The Jerrycan water bottle is made of eco-friendly material, lighter than its counterparts. With a sleek design, they are pretty handy.
• The Jerrycan water bottle is sturdy and durable, which means they are immune to rust and corrosion.
• Made from ECOZEN, the water bottles are eco-friendly and BPA-free, which you can easily recycle without harming the environment.



• The bottle is towards the pricier end at $49, but with two bottles, reflector hand strap, carabiner, and antibacterial stickers, the deal isn’t so bad.


Our Verdict


When you buy a Jerrycan Eco Water Bottle, you not only get home a fantastic set of water bottles but also contribute to helping Ugandan children who carry Jerrycans. For a good cause, this product is definitely worth a buy.

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