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The iconic sports figure Michael Jordan made a mark all across the world with his extraordinary basketball skills. His agility, speed, and exceptional performance have been symbolized in the form of Jordan shoes. Now, these basketball shoes are a favorite footwear choice for professionals as well as fashion lovers. The designs feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. Professional players and basketball lovers enjoy the top-notch performance of these shoes. But there are so many options available out there, and you want to choose the best Jordan basketball shoes. No need to feel confused! This guide can help you find the top choices along with some valuable tips to pick the right pair of shoes. So, let’s find out!

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1Jordan Nike Men's Why Not Zer0.1 Basketball ShoesJordan Nike Men's Why Not
Zer0.1 Basketball Shoes

$79.63 - $212.52CHECK BEST PRICE
2russellwestbrook basketball shoesJordan Why Not Zero.1
Low Synthetic Basketball Shoes.

$79.00 - $160.32 CHECK BEST PRICE
3why not jordan shoes,Extra curves on the sole,Additional cushionJordan Men's Why Not
Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes

$159.94 - $228.99 CHECK BEST PRICE
4cyber style Russell Westbrook Jordan shoes,Double layered collar for exceptional ankle stability,Circular pattern to improve movement controlNike Men's Jordan Why Not
Zer0.2 Synthetic Basketball Shoes

$157.96 - $172.85 CHECK BEST PRICE
5westbrook why not shoes,russell westbrook why not shoes for saleJordan Why Not Zer0.1
Mens Aa2510-103 Size 10.5

6westbrook why not shoes,russell westbrook why not shoes for saleJordan Why Not Zero.1 Low - Men's
Russell Westbrook Nylon Basketball Shoes

$145.60 - $145.62 CHECK BEST PRICE
7Why Not Zero.1 Low Synthetic Basketball Shoes,Bootie construction,Internal laces with front toggle lock.Zoom Air unit,Molded foam heelNike Men's Jordan Why Not
Zero.1 Low Synthetic Basketball Shoes

$98.93 - $145.62 CHECK BEST PRICE

Reviewing Top 7 Jordan Basketball Shoes

Here are all the top options of Jordan basketball shoes you can choose from:


Jordan Nike Men’s Why Not Zer0.1 Basketball Shoes.

These shoes serve the purpose of being lightweight and cushioning your feet. The design has 100% authentic material quality. The internal construction of the shoes holds the foot properly to provide high-quality fitting. The proper lock allows better movement, which is a great advantage for players. The unique combination of black and red gives a fashionable appeal to the design, which impresses the fashion lovers. Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Basketball Shoes, Color: Black/Black-signal Blue


• 100% authentic materials.

• Works for sports as well as leisure purposes.

• Front high top offers better movement.


• Color options are limited.
• Prices may seem high for some people.


Nike Men’s Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Low Synthetic Basketball Shoes.

If you are looking for russellwestbrook basketball shoes, this one would be a great choice. The design contains a rubber sole for comfort and easy movement capability. Plus, it contains a synthetic skin that seamlessly covers the upper section. The upper body of the shoe provides durability, lightweight and a great look. The internal design has a bootie construction, which fits like socks and feels cushiony. The laces are internal and contain a toggle lock outside to adjust the fitting easily. At the same time, the design uses a zoom air section to further enhance the cushioning and reliability when you wear it for a long time. The molded foam in the heels creates a bucket to lock the wearer’s foot.Nike Men's Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Low Synthetic Basketball Shoes with Rubber sole, lightweight and durable


• Synthetic skin for the lightweight upper body.
• Rubber sole for comfort.
• Bootie construction for exceptional fitting.
• Molded foam to work as heel fitting.


• Finding the correct size may seem difficult.


Nike Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Men’s.

Synthetic lightweight design with a curved rubber sole, these are the most popular why not jordan shoes among players as well as fashion lovers. The sole provides an extra curved area on both sides for better movement. Running, playing basketball or wearing it casually, these shoes fit all purposes for a man. The upper mesh design contains a single color with multiple patterns. The laces beautifully blend with the design to give a neat look. The shape of the shoe grabs and holds the foot in its position in every movement.


• Durable and lightweight upper design.
• Extra curves on the sole to enhance movement.
• Additional cushion and fitting for comfort.
• Cost-effective pair that works for both sports as well as leisure purposes.


• Color options are limited.
• Lacing system might be a little too tight for some wearers.
• Sizes are limited.


Nike Men’s Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Synthetic Basketball Shoes.

This Jordan shoe is a combination of smoke grey as well as cyber style Russell Westbrook. The design stands out with an outfit. The sole is made from high-quality rubber and contains a circular pattern of traction. This circular pattern gives an exceptional pivoting capacity to the wearer. There are multiple layers of material to enhance the forefoot area’s performance. Lateral movements become more effective, during which, you get complete ankle stability due to the dual layers of the collar. The colors are vibrant, which give it a hip look. The sole design has two sections to enhance movement capacity. Jordan Nike Men's Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes, Color: Black/White,lightweight, responsive cushioning


• Circular pattern to improve movement control.
• Double layered collar for exceptional ankle stability.
• Two sole sections to enhance the capacity to move and stop.


• Some people might not prefer vibrant colors.


Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Mens Aa2510-103.

A perfect balance of comfort and casual sportswear fashion, these Jordan shoes are a favorite of many. There is a flat sole design with patterns that provide stability and traction to move and stop as you please. The lightweight material offers comfort. The ankle area of the shoe contains an additional layer of protection. The laces are installed internally with a knob outside to adjust the fitting as per your needs. The collar holds the foot properly, which gives freedom of movement without any discomfort. Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Mens Aa2510-103 Size 10.5


• Internal lacing for a neat upper body look.
• Works perfect for leisure and sports purposes.


• Flat sole might not match the level of performance as other Jordan shoes.


Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Low.

This one is another Russel Westbrook design with Nylon material that offers the much-needed durability and lightweight. The construction contains a toggle lock, responsive cushioning and heel lock system. Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Low - Men's Russell Westbrook Nylon Basketball Shoes,Color: White/Black/Pine,Rubber sole


• Zoom air section for cushioning.
• Bootie construction for great fitting.
• Synthetic lightweight skin.


• Flat sole can be an issue for some wearers.


Nike Men’s Jordan Why Not Zero.1.

This model is known for its unique design with internal lacing. The upper mesh provides white color and the sole contains a combination of white and black rubber material. The thickness of the sole gives comfort while moving and the design allows great movement control. Nike Men's Jordan Why Not Zero.1 Low Synthetic Basketball Shoes,Color: White/Black/Midnight/Russell Westbrook, Internal laces with front toggle lock your foot into place.


• Suits sports as well as casual purposes.
• Color combination goes well with all casual outfits.


• Color choices are limited in this model.



How to select the best Jordan basketball shoes?


These are the tips to help you make the right choice:



The fitting of the shoes should be comfortable and exactly match the size of your feet. The fitting decides the comfort level and your control when playing, walking or running.



The shoes should give complete control over movements. Hence, you should evaluate the design in terms of sole technology, sole pattern, and top of the sole.



It should serve the purpose you want to buy it for. Some people want to buy Jordan shoes for high-quality performance. Others love the style and use them for leisure purposes. You need to keep your priorities straight. There are some pairs of shoes that serve both leisure and performance purposes.



While the technology of these shoes is top-notch, you should invest time in selecting the right color. Choose a color combination, which you can enjoy wearing all the time.


Frequently Asked Questions


How expensive are Jordan shoes?

Jordan shoes may cost anywhere between $70 to $200 for men and women as per their choices. Kids Jordan shoes generally cost less than adults but, in some cases, they may even cost more.


Are Jordan shoes reasonable to buy?

Jordan shoes are expensive than many other brands but are definitely worth to buy. These shoes have amazingly good quality fabric and represent Michael Jordan. Many fans of Michael Jordan till date buy these shoes in the name of the player.


Do Jordan shoe value appreciate over the years?

Yes, many Jordan shoe value has appreciated over the last year. Some piece’s prices were increased by $500 whereas some have doubled their cost price. On average, Jordan shoes, which are top-selling, have a 27% higher price than the original price.


Now, you can pick the best design, color, and size in Jordan shoes.

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