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The Colosseum Lego Kit 10276 is one of the most popular kits among Lego fans, and the craze is understandable. It is a 9000-piece set with many tiny and complex pieces that set up a challenge for advanced-level players as well.


So, if you have a completed Colosseum Lego Set in your living room, just for show-off purposes, we totally understand. And today, we’re here only to add more magic to the beauty.


Bringing you our honest review on Lightailing Light Kit for Colosseum 10276. This lighting set is designed for your Colosseum 10276, and once installed, it will give a realistic glow to your Colosseum Lego Set.


So, without further delay, let’s check out this amazing product and find out whether it is worth a buy.


The Package




The pack consists of 4 handmade light kits that will offer a highly realistic glow to your Colosseum 10276. Lightailing has provided multiple power options for your convenience. You can power the lights using a USB charger or with 3 AA batteries.


The package also includes a battery box to house batteries and a USB connector. So the connecting and powering part is pretty easy. All you need to do is make sure that the power supply is below 5V to avoid overheating.


Lightailing has offered a complete instructions guide dedicated to Colosseum 10276 installation. Make sure you follow the instructions well to ensure a proper installation. If the installation is done well, the lights will brighten your Lego set in all directions to provide a highly realistic look. The look is especially magnificent at night when the light radiates out of the arches in the building.


The Price


The price falls in the under 85 category, which is quite affordable, considering the quality of lighting it offers. You get dedicated lighting set for your Lego Colosseum 10276. And it’s durable, easy-to-install, and easy to power. So that’s a win-win.


Please Note: The pack does not include Colosseum 10276 Lego kit. It is a led lighting kit for the Lego set.


The Pros

Now Let’s summarize what we liked about the Lightailing Lighting Kit:

• The product is quite budget-friendly.
• The lighting set is a handmade set dedicated to the Colosseum 10276 Lego, so it looks just perfect on it.
• High-quality lights that are easy-to-install and easy to power-up
• Multiple Powering options: USB or AA batteries, battery box, and USB connector included.


The Cons

Well, there is not much that we dislike about this product. But honest reviewing comes with the responsibility of finding flaws. So, let’s do it.

• Lightailing has not included batteries with the product.
• The Universal installation manual can seem a bit complex for beginners. However, there is a complete user’s guide with pictures on their official website as well. So that’s the good part.



Lightailing is a top brand in Lego Lightings, and they have a wide range of products for different Lego sets. The Lighting Kit for Colosseum 10276 is also a high-quality product that will make your Colosseum look just amazing in the dark. And it’s affordable too. So, from our side, it’s a thumbs up. This one is surely worth a buy.

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