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MAM 2 The Air PurifierAir purification has now become a necessity for every home. Considering the rise in pollution and cases of airborne diseases, it is time now that you keep your indoor air quality as good as possible. And we’ve got a product today that can do that for you with ease.

Introducing MAM 2 from Aiwanatech– the slimmest, lightest, and most intelligent air purifier out there. Today we are going to give you a quick review of this one-of-a-kind product that’ll make your room bloom. So, let’s get into it.


MAM 2 Features


MAM 2 is a compact smart air purifier, a one-of-a-kind product built by Aiwanatech. Built by world-class engineers with over 20 years of experience, MAM 2 is an upgraded model of the previous MAM air purifier. Here’s a quick look at all its features.


Construction & Working


MAM 2 has a beautiful slim body that’s only 4.92-in in width. So, it will fit almost anywhere without consuming much space. You can place it on the table, on the floor, or near the counter, and it will look just natural. Aiwanatech has also made this one quite lightweight. Therefore, you can carry it around in your house and purify whichever room you want.




The MAM 2 air purifier may be smaller in size, but in terms of power and performance, it is undoubtedly one of the best air purifiers in the market. It has a unique triple-layer filter system that provides maximum purification and keeps your room fresh all day long.

The first filter is a disinfecting antibacterial filter, while the second filter cleans up to 99.97 of ultra-micro dust. And finally, the third layer eliminates foul odors and harmful gasses.


Other Smart Features


Along with all the other benefits, MAM 2 also provides a highly smooth performance. The motor is extremely, making sure that you get maximum purification without any disturbances. This air purifier is also a low carbon-emitting, eco-friendly, and low power-consuming device. When you use it 24/7 for a month, the overall power consumption is around 2.2kW, which will cost you around $0.23.

MAM 2 has a smart automatic purification system that purifies the air according to the air quality. You also get two purification modes- turbo and sleep. In turbo mode, the purifier provides fast and instant purification, while, in sleep mode, you get a calm and quiet performance. Portable Air Purifier

Now isn’t that a highly smart air purifier? Now lets out the pros and cons for a better understanding.

• MAM 2 is a compact, lightweight, and intelligent air purifier.
• It has a unique triple-layer filter system that provides maximum purification.
• Smart automatic, turbo, and sleep modes
• Highly cost-effective
• Low power consumption
• Low carbon-emitting & eco-friendly device
• Looks perfect in almost any setting.

• None




Well, it can be clearly concluded that MAM 2 is one of the best home purifiers out there. It is compact, smart, efficient, and budget-friendly. And so, we give this product a big, huge thumbs up.

If you are looking for a room air purifier, make sure you give this one a try. You will be way more than satisfied with this product.

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