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MOGABI Folding GuitarWell, there is always someplace for good music. That’s why guitarists and music lovers love to carry their guitars wherever they go. However, carrying your guitar during travel can be a huge hassle. A guitar is a bulky musical instrument, and it can easily get damaged during travel. Well, we understand your worries, and that’s why today we’re going to review a product that can allow you to carry your guitar wherever you go.

Presenting, MOGABI Folding guitar. MOGABI is a portable studio & original sound recorder folding guitar that’s so compact and lightweight that you’ll just love to carry it around. However, unlike most folding guitars, MOGABI produces professional-quality electric guitar sounds. So, you get the feel of a real professional without having to carry a bulky and delicate instrument with you.

Now isn’t that amazing? So, without further delay, let’s review this product and determine whether it is worth a buy.


MOGABI Features


MOGABI is a first-of-its-kind portable folding electric guitar with original tune-recording. The guitar has a beautiful wooden neck with a foldable audio box. The audio box can be locked in place, and the entire piece will act as one unit without any minute movements. It also means that you can play this guitar without any amplifier.

To give you a real guitar feel, MOGABI has also provided lightweight frames that form the body of the guitar. Once assembled, this guitar works and feels like any conventional guitar, just much lighter and easier to handle.


Benefits Of MOGABI


As a one-of-a-kind folding guitar, MOGABI offers plenty of benefits. Take a look.MOGABI Guitar

• Portable: MOGABI is one of the most portable guitars out there. Once folded down, the entire piece fits in a medium-sized carry bag.
• Lightweight: With an adjustable frame and compact size, MOGABI is very lightweight.
• Built-in Audio Box: The built-in audio box allows you to play this guitar without any amplifier. So you don’t have to carry the heavy amplifier if you have MOGABI.
• Internal Memory: MOGABI also has an internal memory of 32 GB. So, you can store up to 100 high-quality songs to play along.
• Record: MOGABI allows you to record, edit and store your own music. It has a 32GB built-in memory that can store several high-quality tunes for you.
• Practice-Friendly: MOGABI is one of the most practice-friendly guitars out there. It produces original sounds, and you can make adjustments to volume and tone. You can also turn the volume down and practice in silent-mode.
• Travel-Safe: You can easily take MOGABI as a carry-on, and it will easily fit in the luggage compartment. The product has a compact and tough construction, so the chances of damage are nil.



So far, during this review, we couldn’t find a flaw to mention. MOGABI is a well-built piece that’s perfect for practice and indoor playing.




Well, it is clear that MOGABI Portable Studio & Original Sound Rec. Folding Guitar is surely worth a buy. It is a good-looking compact, portable, and lightweight guitar that produces original sounds. What more can one ask for? So go ahead and make sure you add this one to your collection asap.

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