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A Jelly-Like, Fun TextureA clean beauty brand based out of Korea, Ongredients, presents a fabulous all-in-one cleansing ball with a keen focus on using 100% natural ingredients and zero-waste packaging.

Carrying natural fragrances of Aloe, Marine Algae, and Damask Rose, these cleansing balls soothe and hydrate the skin with green tea extract.

When tested alongside regular soaps and vegan cleansers, Ongredients cleansing balls have more potential to make bubbles than any other.

You can use it directly with your hands or in a suds bag to make a silky foam that massages the skin and leaves it moisturized and nourished.


A Jelly-Like, Fun Texture


The cleansing balls flaunt a jelly-like texture that makes them fun to hold and use. Because of their unique design and attractive colors, they’re loved by both adults and children. Though they can be fun to squish and play with while lathering, the cleansing balls manage to retain their shape without tearing easily. If you’re worried the soap might slip out of your hands, put it in the suds pouch for added grip and exfoliation.


An All-in-One Cleansing Ball


What makes these cleansing balls so incredible is that they work as a face cleanser, body wash, and shampoo, making them the perfect accessory for your travels. You no longer have to worry about having a massive toiletry bag with you whenever you must spend a night at a hotel. With an all-in-one ball cleanser, packing your toiletries won’t be an issue anymore. With Even if you have makeup on the whole day, you can trust your Ongredients cleansing Ball to remove all traces of it.


All-Natural and Vegan Cleanser


The Ongredients cleansing balls are made of three natural extracts – aloe vera, kelp, and rose. With a PETA-approved certification, Ongredients cleansing Balls are 100% vegan, containing zero animal-related materials.


The Right pH Balance for Your Skin


The cleansing balls are not only soft on the skin but also share a similar pH level to human skin, which helps maintain the skin’s balance of acidity to keep it healthy. When you use the ball to wash away dirt, oil, and pollution, you’re left with a smooth, dewy finish with no tightening.


What are the Key Benefits?


Here are some of the top selling points of the Ongredients Cleansing Balls –


• They’re compatible with all skin types
• The compact design makes it easy for people to carry for travel
• Hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable even for people with sensitive skin
• The packaging is sustainable, making it an environment-friendly option
• They come in three different colors, based on the extract used to make it
• Because of its jelly-like, squishy design, it is ideal for kids




Anybody who loves it when their skin feels soft, nourished, and hydrated would love this all-natural product. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, nothing could be a more useful yet sustainable option for you than this zero-waste, vegan daily cleanser. Place an order to pamper your skin while doing your bit for the environment.

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