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Privacy Policy WhyNotReviews


“Privacy of information” is something we take very seriously at WhyNotReviews. We are one of the most revered websites for product reviews, and we appreciate the trust that people have placed on us. WhyNotReviews is committed to protecting personal and private information. Below is a quick overview of our privacy policy, and we would be happy to offer complete details and other information on request. Please get in touch with us to know more.

1. All data processing norms at WhyNotReviews are as per laws, and we provide information regarding processing only on request. Our processing activities are only related to the purpose for which personal/private data is collected. We follow minimalism for data usage.

2. WhyNotReviews takes all possible for accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of data.

3. We only collect information necessary for enhancing your experience. This may include email address, name, and billing address of the consumer.

4. We DO NOT share our data with any third-party service without your consent. Rest assured that no company executive has access to your private data unless offered access as a part of their job profile.

5. We do not collect your browsing details, and our any access to your Internet Protocol (IP) address is not used against you and will NOT be shared with anyone under any circumstance.

6. If you are using contact form submission to get in touch with us, we would only ask for selected information. The information and data through contact forms will not be used for any other use and WILL NOT be shared with anyone or any third-party service.

7. We rely on Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising. However, user data is never shared with any of these companies or our clients.

We maintain absolute clear stance on data protection, and WhyNotReviews is open to answering all questions related to the privacy policy.