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Motorcycle riding has many types from street racing, professional racing, vintage-style street riding to a motorcycle as a preferred way of transportation. Different impassioned motorbike riders find their interests in different forms of motorcycle riding.


Dirt Bike Gear Items

One of the most popular forms of bike riding that is more of a sport is “Motocross riding” or Dirt bike riding. Unless you have been living under a rock you will know what dirt bike sports or dirt bike motorcycle riding is.

But for the sake of information, let us lay it out for you. Dirt biking or motocross biking is a sport or form of motorbike riding in which a rider instead of hitting the road, use’s a dirt bike to travel unpaved countrysides or off-road sites.


If you have caught yourself thinking and wondering about how would it feel like to ride a motorbike in un-certain and rough sides of the road, then get yourself a motocross or a dirt bike and join the club.

Motocross biking is a sport best suited for motorbike lovers and adrenaline junkies who want a kick-out of every time they ride their motorcycle.


Dirt biking as the name suggests is not a very civil or well rule defined sport. Rather it is far from being civil and all rules of motorcycle riding are thrown out of the window when it comes to dirt biking.

Off-road dirt biking doesn’t require you to actually abide by the traffic rules as there are no red lights or stop signs on the unpaved dirt-biking sites.


Motorcycle riding vs. Dirt Biking what’s the difference?


General motorcycle riding and dirt biking are two of both different things, to begin with. Traditional motorcycle riders use their bikes to go to both short and distant places and use their bikes as a mode of transportation.

While in dirt biking there is no transportation, you will not be going on any road trips. On the contrary, you will be riding a dirt bike on unsafe passages while increasing the adrenaline rush by performing dangerous stunts.


While regular motorcycles are heavy in weight and may have a lot of features and functions. Dirt bikes are super lightweight as they don’t have any fancy parts it’s just the bike’s engine and a very lightweight frame.

These motocross bikes are specifically designed to be lightweight so the rider can experience the joy of endless adrenaline rushes and near heart and panic attacks all encapsulated in a small-sized motorbike.


So as far as the comparison between normal motorcycles and dirt bikes goes, they are nothing alike, a dirt bike has no traditional traffic measures like having headlights, signals, side-mirrors, brake lights, and so on. These bikes are only equipped with three major and essential parts of a normal motorbike and that includes, engine, suspension, and a gas tank.

Furthermore, it is against the law to drive these bikes as regular motorcycles on the road. You cannot use your dirt bike for normal commuting needs. They are considered to be strictly off-road vehicles that are illegal to drive for on-road purposes.


Well now before you make your mind that dirt biking is maybe a bad thing. Let me reaffirm you it is a very appraised sport that motorbike enthusiast all over the world enjoys.

Motocross riding is one of the highest enjoyed motorcycle sports in the world and bike riders do not only love this sport due to the fact that it is fun and entertaining, but they also enjoy this sport because it is the kind of sport that also provide immense physical and mental health benefits.


Riding up and down hills of the rough countryside on a dirt bike can increase your heart rate as an active runner gets from running several yards. And when health and mental benefits like increased focus, improved cognitive ability, stamina and endurance building, weight loss, and high calory burning comes easily with the fun of dirt bike riding. There is actually no reason to not like this off-road sport.


6 Must-Have Dirt Bike Gear Items


To be honest with you it is not always rainbows and roses, dirt biking can be a very risky sport in which getting badly injured can be just one mistake away. The very idea of dirt biking without wearing proper safety gear and carrying essential accessories is absurd.

You will never see a dirt bike rider doing off-road stunts of a dirt bike with no safety gear on. Safety gear items are important and can save your life when it comes to a bad day in dirt bike riding. To help you choose here is our review of the top 5 must-have dirt bike gear items.


Dirt bike helmets


Dirt bike helmets

Even rookies do not make the mistake of not wearing a solid quality helmet before they hop on their motorbikes. Helmets are one of the most crucial items of safety gear because they can protect one of your most important body parts and that is your brain.

Your body cannot function without brian, in fact you cannot stay alive you suffer a serious head injury during a fall from your dirt bike.


The off-road terrain for dirt biking is highly dangerous, to begin with, and in case your bike slips the rough terrain can be highly unforgiving and can cause serious injuries. Therefore wearing a helmet should be your rule of thumb before you hop on your bike.

Verdict: Essential


Dirt bike motorcycle backpacks


Dirt bike motorcycle backpacks


Going on a dirt bike riding while not equipping your dirt bike with a motorcycle bag pack can put you in a pickle in case of any crash or you need emergency tools or items. Anything can happen when you move through the unpaved ways and dangerous hills.

High-quality dirt bike riding packs like VikingBag’s dirt-bike-backpacks cannot just only provide you the ability to carry essential items like water or extra fuel supply but can also allow you to carry life-saving items like a first aid kit.

VikingBag’s backpack bags for dirt biking are specifically designed to be lightweight so they do not increase the weight and imbalance the bike and are heavily reinforced to endure rough off-road terrains.

Verdict: Essential


Dirt bike motorcycle gloves


Dirt bike motorcycle gloves

You might have experienced in your life if you fell off a bike or a cycle the very first thing you will instinctively do will to use your hands to either defend or cover your body. And your hands will your first body parts to touch the ground.

In this case, if you do not have the riding gloves on your hands’ chances are your hands will get severely injured or scratched. Therefore it is highly advisable to wear quality hand gloves before bike riding.

Verdict: Essential


Motocross riding safety suits


Motocross riding safety suits


Wouldn’t it much better if you can protect your maximum body area by just wearing a suit? It is possible as dirt bike riding involves risky maneuvers and stunts motorcycle accessories, vendors have developed state-of-the-art heavily reinforced maximum protection body and armor suits that can save you from major open-wound injuries, rib-cracking, or bone-fracturings.

Verdict: Essential


Motocross Riding Boots


Motocross Riding Boots


Off-road dirt biking means unpaved pathways, hills, stones, mud, and dangerously rough terrain. You as a bike rider have to continuously use your legs and feet to support your bike and keep maintaining your balance.

While your feet hit the ground countless times in one biking loop or session. Hitting a stone with your foot or any other dangerous items while going in dangerous speeds can easily break or shatter your foot. To avoid such a fate you need to wear proper footwear.

Verdict: Essential

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