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Broombi a Smart Broom The world around us has upgraded now. We now have smartphones, smart computers, smart home devices, etc., but one thing has been the same all this time. Yes, you must have guessed it already. It’s your broom. The most important and the most frequently used device has simply not changed for decades.

But all that’s about to change now. Introducing Broombi, the smart broom for modern living. Broombi is an innovative smart broom that reduces your effort but perfectly wipes hair, fur, food, liquid, dust, etc.

Are you wondering how that’s possible?

Well, let’s find out.


Why Is Broombi a Smart Broom?

Broombi is a one-of-a-kind silicon broom with 4-Blade Quadruple Cleaning Power and a patented smart dustpan. Due to its upgraded quadruple silicon blades, Broombi provides a powerful grip on the floor.

The unique 4-blade system of Broombi cleans up to four times better than ordinary brooms. So you will never have to double sweep with this smart broom. Broombi will collect dust, liquids, and other minute particles like hair or fur in a single stroke.


The Smart Broombi Dust Pan


Broombi has a uniquely designed patented dustpan that has an asymmetrical 0.04-in slim edge. This ultra-slim edge has a 15-degree angle that allows you to sweep up liquids, and hair, in just one stroke.

It is a semi-automatic dustpan, which means that you won’t have to touch its mouth physically. The overflow prevention wall has a height of 2-inches, so you won’t have to worry about spilling the liquid out from the dustpan.


Build Quality


Broombi is made from high-quality silicone that’s built to last. It has been designed by experts to provide a comfortable hold while you sweep. The quadruple-blade system greatly reduces human effort and gives a squeaky-clean surface in just one swipe.

The dustpan is also equally well-made. The 0.04-in slim edge, the automatic mouth, and the handle are all designed to offer comfort and control while you sweep. Broombi a Smart Broom

Pros & Cons
Now let’s list weigh-in all the pros and cons of this product to generate a better understanding.

The Pros
• Broombi is a Smart broomstick with scrapers.
• The 4-blade system cleans for times better than ordinary brooms
• Picks dust, hair, fur, and even liquids in just one swipe
• Feels comfortable and greatly reduces effort.
• The product comes with a patented dustpan with a 0.04-in slim edge.
• The dustpan is also semi-automatic
• No need for double sweeping
• Keeps the flooring safe and squeaky clean

The Cons
• None




As you can see, we found several benefits and not a single flaw in this product. The design, the build quality, and the performance are all four times better than other brooms in the market.

With its capability of reducing effort by up to 4 times, this product is truly the first smart broom out there.

So, we give this one a big, huge thumbs up. Make sure to try this one, and we’re sure you will never want an ordinary broom again.

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