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The Almighty Smart Bluetooth Touch Controller, LitZEROThe touch screen is a smart feature, but haven’t you also felt the hassle of having to touch the screen? When you suddenly want to control something on your device, but you have to reach out to the screen and touch it. Well, LitZERO is the best solution to the problem.

It is a Smart Bluetooth Touch controller that allows you to control the touch features of any device remotely. So you’ll no longer have to reach out and soil the screen of your devices, just use this sleek device and control the touch without touching.

But, is it worth a buy? Let’s find out.


LitZERO Features


LitZero is a compact portable touchpad that lets you control your device without having to touch the screen. All you need to do is connect LitZERO with your device via Bluetooth, and you can start using the touch feature of that device. LitZERO works for almost all types of devices. From smartphones and tablets, touchscreen laptops, LitZERO connects quickly and works fine.

Once connected, LitZero allows you to answer calls, pause or play videos, copy and paste texts, and almost everything else that you would do with the normal touch features.


Body & Design


LitZERO is a small circular touchpad available in black and white shades. The pad is quite slim and compact, so it fits in your palm, and your finger can reach all sides of the pad with ease. The pod is attached to a metallic O-ring clip that allows you to use this as a key ring. You can clip it on your bag or belt, and it will keep the pad secure at all times. LitZERO can be charged with a simple USB charger, and it will run for 72 hours once fully charged.



Bluetooth Touch Controller, LitZERO

This touchpad simply works like a breeze. LitZERO has a highly sensitive touchpad that responds perfectly according to your finger movements. The product is also well-programmed to carry out various commands according to the finger motion. The product arrives with a user manual, where all the different actions of LitZero are explained. So, follow it, and you will be a master at it in no time.


Device Compatibility


LitZERO has been thoroughly tested on all popular devices. So, you have nothing to worry about. It is also compatible with various platforms such as Windows, IOS, Android, and macOS.

Pros & Cons
Let us now list out the pros and cons of this product to develop a clear picture.

• Lightweight & Compact
• High sensitive touch features
• Compatible with all touch screen devices
• It can take a wide range of touch commands
• The key ring feature makes it comfortable to hold
• User Manual Included
• 72 hours battery capacity
• USB charging
• Looks classy

• None




As you can see, we couldn’t find any flaws in this piece. It is so well-made that it reduces the effort of using a touchscreen by a huge margin. Now you don’t have to run your fingers on your screen. Instead, you just keep LitZERO in your palm and control your touch feature effortlessly.

So it’s definitely a thumbs up from us. If you use your touchscreen quite often, you will simply love to have LitZERO with you.

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