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DEEP LEARNING FOR COMPUTER VISIONMachine learning and AI are undoubtedly the future of technology. Businesses worldwide are nowadays implementing AI and machine learning to reduce human effort and improve quality. As a result, there is a growing demand for young and talented AI experts.

So, if you’ve been planning to learn AI and deep learning, it’s surely a wise choice. A career in AI is currently one of the most desired career options, and the pay is good too. However, the problem starts when you set out to learn programming. Most online learning modules are expensive, and they do not cover a wide range of important subjects.

To solve this issue, today we’re going to review a remarkable product for you. Here’s THE UPGRADE: DEEP LEARNING FOR COMPUTER VISION, an AI and Deep learning e-book that helps you master a wide range of AI skills easily. Let’s take a look at its features first.


Product Features


The Upgrade is a high-quality e-book that helps you learn programming in a budget-friendly fun way. This e-book takes you through a wide range of professional programming skills. The book is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts to professionals who want to become experts. It takes you through extensive lessons and actual projects that allow you to practice what you learn.


Here are some of the subjects covered in the e-book.

• Basics for Python for CV and data analysis
• Visualizing and Analyzing big data with Python
• How to accurately interpret data
• Basics of Deep Learning & Machine Learning
• Tensorflow to professionally handling Machine Learning
• OpenCV, Yolo V3 & V4
• How to organize and create estimates for data
• Facial recognition features
• Sorting defective products

As you can see, you can learn a wide range of subjects and familiarize yourself with all the latest tricks of the trade. All you need to do is give 15 hours each for the two courses, and you will be a real master in programming, deep learning, and computer vision.

Let’s now list out the pros and cons to understand the worth of this e-book. THE UPGRADE - DEEP LEARNING FOR COMPUTER VISION

• Easy learning for AI, Deep Learning and Computer Vision
• Covers a wide range of subjects
• Suitable for beginners and professionals
• Master skills by applying them in actual projects
• Just 15 hours each need for 2 courses
• Provides you will various tips and tricks
• Can help you boost your career improve business performance

• Well, this e-book gives a lot more in a compact package, and there are no flaws to point out.




This e-book from creApple is simply the best option for talented programmers to improve their skills and for beginners to understand the basics of programming. You get to learn from interactive sessions, and you also get to use your skills on actual projects. Well, in simple words, there is everything you need for a programmer here. And so, we give this product a thumbs up.

Do not hesitate. Just make sure that you get THE UPGRADE: DEEP LEARNING FOR COMPUTER VISION e-book now.

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