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According to a recent survey conducted by the American veterinary dental society, 80% of the dogs are suffering from gum diseases by the age of 3. Many pet parents generally underestimate this issue because taking care of the dog’s teeth by cleaning them frequently sounds crazy. But the diseases like periodontal are majorly caused by a lack of hygiene.

So, pet parents ought to look after their dogs’ dental health. The best way out for this problem other than brushing is to buy the best dog teeth cleaning the toy, which serves the primary purpose along with many more added benefits like improving the mental health of dogs.

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M.C.works Dog Chew ToysPamlulu Chewable toy for
dog teeth cleaning

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Dog Chew ToysM.C Works dental chew
toy for dogs

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Dog Toys for Aggressive ChewersCutiful dog teeth cleaning toy

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Dog Toothbrush Chew ToyQPQEQTQ rubber toy for
dog dental brushing

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Natural Dog Treats Toothbrush StickNatural Dog Treats Dog
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Top 5 Best Dental Chew Toys for Dogs


Pamlulu – Chewable toy for dog teeth cleaning

Pamlulu - Chewable toy for dog teeth cleaning

This particular toy is available in the shape of a desert plant, cactus, to be precise. This makes the toy more attractive and convenient for the dog to play with, such that you can play throw and fetch with the dog.

Toothpaste can be squeezed in through the top. This portion designed for the toothpaste can also be helpful in many other ways, like filling it with ointments for medical purposes.

Toothpaste can help clean teeth deeper and take care of dogs’ oral health without brushing teeth forcefully.

This toy is made of super durable rubber material as it can certainly endure severe chewing and last as long as your dogs’ teeth.

As it is provided with the squeak, dogs find this more interactive and friendly, as it sounds like the toy responding to the dog.

• It is available in three different sizes medium, large, and x large.
• The material is eco-friendly and easily washable.
• As the toy is non-toxic, it is completely harmless.

• The squeak may be annoying for some users.

M.C Works – Pineapple dental chew toy for dogs

M.C.works Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer, Tough Dog Dental Chews Toy, Indestructible Dog Toys for Large Dogs

This small pineapple-shaped toy is designed with natural rubber spikes all over the body. These spikes help in deep cleaning the teeth of puppies.

They enter deep into the teeth gaps and clean the gums of the dog as well. Major diseases like periodontal are majorly caused due to the accumulation of food, plaque, tartar, etc., on gums.

Playing with it daily under supervision increases the relation between the dog and pet parents by removing the dog’s loneliness and cleaning.

The light coconut and milk blended kind of flavor attracts the dog more and chew it. This is a good option as the smell is not only attractive for dogs but also mild enough to bear for humans.

• The small body allows the toy to go deeper, and the spikes help to clean the teeth.
• The rubber material used for manufacturing is nontoxic and highly bite-resistant.

• Puppies may feel bored after playing for a while.

Cutiful – Alligator shaped dog teeth cleaning toy

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Medium Breed Dog Chew Toys Dog Toothbrush

This product comes with a spectacular and most enthralling design. The toy’s alligator shape attracts the dog because it feels the toy just like a doppelganger of the alligator.

Dogs find the squeak more impressive while playing. This item is highly suggested for dogs weighing around 30-80 lbs.

Small dogs may find it challenging to play with the toy because of its weight and also may find it hard to chew as the rubber material used is meant for the high breed dogs.

If given to small dogs, dogs’ enamel may get affected instead of being clean and healthy.

The total weight of the toy is 8.64 Ounces, i.e., 244 grams approx.

• This quack sound similar to duck makes the dog more fond of the toy.
• The plastic used to manufacture is nontoxic.

• More suggestive for higher breeds than smaller ones.

QPQEQTQ – Durable rubber toy for dog dental brushing

QPQEQTQ Upgrade Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy

The toy is specifically designed in the shape of a cactus. The gap in the middle can be used to fill it with toothpaste.

It is made of purely natural and non-toxic rubber, which makes it harmless and safe. Vertical projections all over the toy’s body are made of rubber and are also appropriately arranged as horizontal rows.

These vertical rubber projections get deeper into the dog’s teeth and provide overall protection for teeth as well as gums. The toy weighs around 160 grams.

• It is available in three different shapes and two different colors.
• Best teeth cleaning toy for small and medium dogs.
• Overall guarantee for around one year is provided.

• As it is designed for small and medium, it is not suitable for bigger dogs with severe and wild chewing.

Natural Dog Treats – Dog toothbrush stick with beef flavored toothpaste

Natural Dog Treats Toothbrush Stick and Toothpaste Beef Flavor Dental Care Cleaning Set, 100% Natural Rubber Chew Toy for Dogs

The purpose of the dog dental toy is to clean the teeth and gums. This toy not only helps to push away the dogs’ loneliness and make them play to stay active but also helps to clean the teeth thoroughly.

A hollow space is provided in the middle of the rubber to fill it with the cleaning agents like toothpaste or food paste etc. The total net weight of the toy is around 5.96 Ounces, which is approx 168 grams.

If the toy is filled with toothpaste, then consider the complete dental care that is to be taken is accomplished. This keeps the dogs’ teeth completely clean and healthy.

• As the toy is filled with toothpaste, it is a good option as the dental care chewing toy.
• It is flavored with the beef scent, which is a big attraction to the dog.
• Though the cost is slightly high, it is worth spending as it takes care of dental health.

• Needs maintenance, as some unwanted material may get stuck in the trunk.


How To Choose the Right Dental Chew Toys for Dogs?

Here’s how you can find the right dental chew toy for your dog.


Choose The Right Size:


The first thing you need to observe is the size of the toy. Some toys are available in several sizes, while some have only one size option, and you need to make sure that the size you select suits your dog.

Make sure that the toy you choose is not too small that it gets swallowed by your dog. Buy a moderate size that allows your dog to bite down and enjoy.


Check The Additional Features:


Dental chew toys come in several shapes and features. Some have a beef scent or a quacking sound, and some have a toothpaste secretion feature that cleans the teeth while your dog plays with it.

Some dogs may not like the quacking sound or the toy because it secretes toothpaste. So, get something that your dog likes to enjoy every day.


Get a suitable weight:


Finally, make sure that the toy is not too heavy for your dog. Weight is not an issue for larger dogs, but if you have a small dog, you need to get a lightweight toy so that he/she can play with it conveniently.


Frequently asked questions


Why does a dog need dental care?


If a dog is not dental hygiene is not taken care of, then the food and unnecessary material that dogs usually chew gets accumulated on teeth and gums. Thereby resulting in the formation of bacteria on teeth called plaque, and the formation of yellowish residue called tartar as a layer on the teeth is also a significant problem.


What could be the reason for the damage to dogs’ dental health?


Not only the food but also the accumulation of tartar and plaque may damage the teeth of the dog. This may also result in a dangerous disease called periodontal, which is now becoming a significant problem for many dogs.


Why not brushing the teeth?


Brushing the teeth of a dog is also one of the solutions for maintaining a dog’s dental health, but some dogs may resist getting brushed and even bite sometimes. Apart from that, a dog needs something to play with, to stay active and away from loneliness, hence buying toys would be rather appreciable as it doesn’t seem like extra work.




Dogs being our best friends, certainly deserves proper care and affection along with food. Like humans, dogs also suffer from various dental problems like bad breath, accumulation of food that causes bacteria (plaque), swelling and bleeding in gums, and so on.

Hence, with the help of suggested toys, the dental and mental health of dogs can be safeguarded. This allows pets to stay hale and healthy under one’s guardianship.


Check out my VIDEO Review of Best Dental Chew Toys for Dogs

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