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VANZY – A Wearable MouseIf you have too many devices, how cool would it be to control all of them just with one finger? CoX Space introduces the revolutionary ‘VANZY,’ an innovative smart mouse design that can fit into your finger.


Product Overview


The wireless wearable mouse has a ring-like appearance that uses gestures to help you control all your devices. Using a Machine Learning Recorder, this device can track your unique movements and gestures to perform specific tasks. If your device has Bluetooth, VANZY can control it. In its ring form, it recognizes up to 7 gestures, while in its bad cradle form, you can use with additional 4 gestures.

When you wear VANZY on your finger, you can get your devices to do what you want by simply moving your finger to the left or spinning it in a circle. Because of its simple controls and impressive level of intuition, it makes a wonderful product for users of all ages.

Though black is the classic go-to color for all, you can find this incredible smart mouse with metal ring designs in both silver and gold colors.


Myriad of Uses


When you have VANZY on your finger, you can find a lot of creative ways to make use of it. Here are a few highlights –


• If you want to increase or reduce the volume of your podcast or music while on a run, a simple clockwise or counter-clockwise gesture is all it takes to do it.

• Presentations are already stressful, which is why VANZY will give you precise control, so you don’t have to rely on a remote.

• Any content creator won’t have to deal with the hassle of using two devices at the same time when VANZY can help you control them both seamlessly.

• Doing your chores can be excruciatingly boring, so VANZY lets you do them while you can watch your favorite videos. With a waterproof design, you can even cook and clean without losing control of your device.

• If you wish to take a break from reality, VANZY makes it easy for you to destress by playing your VR games with your finger.

• Want to read a book before going to bed? Now you can turn pages without changing your position.


Wearable Mouse to Control Devices with a Single GestureKey Benefits


Apart from its multiple uses, here are some of the prominent benefits of owning a VANZY –


• You can use up to 11 gestures to control your devices and customize them according to your needs and convenience.

• Keymapping allows you to program certain gestures to perform specific programs.

• You can use your mouse with the Bar Cradle mode while charging.

• VANZY is universally compatible. From Android, iOS, windows to macOS, you can pair any device with your VANZY wearable mouse.

• It comes with both silicone and metal rings in black, silver, and gold colors.


Wrapping Up


When it comes to finding a convenient way to use and control all your devices, VANZY is the real deal. If you want to own this intuitive smart mouse, you can get it with a Super Early Bird discount at $79.

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