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One of the greatest cooking styles of instant pots is steaming. When you are health conscious and have a fitness regime, steaming vegetables make more sense than adding oil. But your instant pot needs a suitable steamer to make steaming easier and successful. So, you have to look for the right vegetable steamer for instant pot. No need to struggle at all! This guide has the best steamer options available in a list with reviews. Along with that, you will understand the correct method of analyzing and choosing a vegetable steamer effortlessly. So, keep reading further!

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Vegetable Steamer Basket - BEST BundleKitchen Deluxe Premium Vegetable Steamer Basket

Standard Size Vegetable Steamer Basket SetSensible Needs Vegetable Steamer Basket Set

Hatrigo Steamer Basket for Pressure CookerHatrigo Steamer Basket for Instant Pot

Original Salbree Steamer Basket for 6qt Instant PotSalbree Steamer Basket for 6qt Instant Pot Accessories

Aozita Steamer Basket for Instant Pot Accessories 6 qt or 8 quartAozita Steamer Basket for Instant Pot



Reviewing Top 5 Vegetable Steamers You Can Use for Instant Pot


These are the vegetable steamers most users admire for instant pot steaming purposes:


Kitchen Deluxe Premium Vegetable Steamer Basket

This vegetable steamer has a perfect size to fit inside your instant pot. It has stainless steel construction in its premium form with well-brushed sKitchen Deluxe Premium Vegetable Steamer Basket,Price: $14.95, Easy To Clean & Compact Storagehine. The perfect size and easy-to-use construction will help you add more veggies to your diet.

The leg height is about 0.9 inches while the diameter ranges from 5.5 inches to 9.3 inches. Along with that, you also get a veggie peeler if needed. The size is compact, so you can easily store it. In fact, the size is adjustable and expandable to take the shape of the pot.

The same property also makes it easier to wash. And it is a perfect fit for all major sizes of the instant pot.


• Adjustable size to fit any instant pot
• Quick cleaning
• Lifetime warranty


• You will have to extra money to get the julienne peeler


Sensible Needs Vegetable Steamer Basket Set

Constructed with reliable stainless steel, this basket set has a standard size of 5.3-9.5 inches. Hence, you can make it fit all pot sizes. The steamer is safe to be washed in a dishwasher. The material resists stains, which makes cleaning easier.Sensible Needs Vegetable Steamer Basket Set, Price: $8.99, Size: Standard

The compact size is possible due to the fanning property of the basket. You can open it outward and pull back, according to the type of veggies you want to steam. It is suitable for instant pots of size 3 quarts to 8 quarts. You can utilize it for electric pressure cooking as well.


• Simple to use
• Adjustable size
• Fits multiple instant pots
• Dishwasher safe


• You will have to purchase the top cover separately


Hatrigo Steamer Basket for Instant Pot

This is a steamer basket that comes with a sturdy handle. The stainless steel of premium quality keeps it rust-free, so you can expect a healthy plate of steamed veggies. The handle stays in top-notch condition without losing its shape due to steam and heat.Hatrigo Steamer Basket for Instant Pot, Price: $19.99, Size: 8 Qt - Mesh Basket

The design has been created to fit perfectly inside your instant pot. Hence, steaming experience becomes efficient and comfortable. You can choose from the variety of basket sizes that matches the size of your instant pot.

The silicone handle never gets heated, so you can feel safe even when cooking around kids.


• Rust-free basket material
• Silicone handle and legs


• The basket size is not adjustable


Salbree Steamer Basket for 6qt Instant Pot Accessories

For your 6 quart instant pot, you can use this steamer basket. When you are confused about how to use a steamer basket, this type of steamer wSalbree Steamer Basket for 6qt Instant Pot Accessories, Price: $10.90, Size: 6 Quartould be perfect for you. Simply add veggies and put the basket in your instant pot by holding its handle.

The handle has insulation coverage to protect your hand from burning. The basket stands on four legs that also support the mesh-like structure. The construction material is stainless steel, which has been reinforced on four sides.

The basket can easily handle around 20 pounds, which is enough to add any kind of veggies to steam.


• Single-handle use
• Simple to lift and place
• Sturdy material


• You will need to choose different sizes for 6 or 8-quart instant pot


Aozita Steamer Basket for Instant Pot

This one is a 2-tier basket to stack veggies and eggs. So, you can save time and steam more items in your pot. The smaller basket goes inside the bigger one, then, you can lift them both with a single handle.Aozita Steamer Basket for Instant Pot, Price: $14.99, 2-tier Stackable Basket

The design is incredibly convenient and safe to use due to the steel quality used in the making. The handles have silicone insulation. The design is perfectly compatible with the instant pot of sizes between 6 and 8 quart.


• Stackable 2-tier basket
• Versatile usage
• Safe and convenient


• You will need to purchase a lid separately



How to buy the right vegetable steamer for instant pot?


• To purchase the right vegetable steamer, you first need to think about the health factor. Yes, the health factor means that the material of the basket should not impact the veggies in any manner. Hence, the stainless steel material should be of premium quality and effectively resist rust. Only then, you can rely on the steamed veggies.


• The next important element is the size of a steamer. The steamer size has to fit the instant pot size you have. You can either choose an adjustable steamer or carefully check the size before choosing a steamer basket.


• The design of the steamer has to be easy to use and convenient to clean. Check the stain resisting capacity of the steamer before picking one. An adjustable steamer shouldn’t require too much effort to open and close.


• Look at the additional factors such as the handles and legs. The handles should be sturdy and insulated with silicone cover. The legs should provide stability and support to a steamer.


• Finally, you can check the load capacity of the steamers to decide which one would be perfect for your needs.


With that, you will pick the right steamer to steam veggies in an instant pot.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can you steam veggies in an instant pot?

You need to pour 1 cup water in the instant pot with a steamer basket at the bottom. Put the vegetables without touching the water into the steamer basket. After securing the lid, select a pressure cooker for cooking on high pressure.


What can be used in place of steamer basket in an instant pot?

There are many cases in which individuals do not have a steamer basket. For that, you can use the trivet that came with the instant pot. It is a metal rack that can be used to avoid food touching the water at the bottom.


Is it safe to put mason jars in an instant pot?

Put a short rack at the bottom of the instant pot and pour a cup of water inside. Then put 3 pint-size jars in the instant pot. It is completely safe to do that.



Now, you know the different types of steamers you can choose to use in your instant pot. The mentioned products have impressed thousands of customers. So, use the given tips to select one of the best steamers and start steaming vegetables for a healthy diet.

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