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The usual table mats get damaged quite easily. Just a few days after you buy them, you might have to wash them vigorously to remove the stains. If you have been facing this issue, you must get rid of those old mats and get yourself the next-generation Vernox table mats. Unlike the usual table mats, these are metal mats with up to 99.99% antibacterial effects.


So, if you have been looking for an alternative option to the regular table mats, this product review is exactly for you. 


Vernox Metal Table Mat Features

Vernox Metal Table Mats Vernox Metal Table Mat is a compact, user-friendly table mat with 99.99% antibacterial effects. So, it not only looks good on the table but also keeps the food safe from bacteria. The mats have a neat finish that gives them a classy look, and the stainless steel offers extra durability and convenience.

The Vernox mats have a stainless-steel body, but the mats are also flexible and thin. Therefore, you can easily manage these mats like your regular mats.

You can stack them and place them on the table, and it will not hold up any extra space. And due to a smooth and shiny finish, the Vernox metal mat repels stains. So, all you need is just one wipe, and your table mat will be squeaky clean. Vernox table mats are also corrosion resistant, so you can wash them with your regular dish soap and tap water.


Price, Color, & Purchase Options


Vernox mats are available in two color options, beige, and silver. Both the colors are highly modern and fashionable, so they look aesthetic on all types of dining tables. The product is available in packages of 4 and 2. The pack of 2 has one mat of each color, and the product costs around $70, while the pack of 4 has 2 mats of each color, and the package cost is around $130. So overall, the product is quite budget friendly.


Key Benefits


Here are some key benefits of having Vernox Metal Table Mats:

• Compact design with smooth finishing that looks great in all settings.
• Suitable for homes, restaurants, bars, or any other dining place.
• Available in two beautiful colors
• Lightweight and flexible
• 99.99% antibacterial effects
• Washable and stain resistant
• Available in budget-friendly packages of 2 and 4
• Highly durable compared to regular mats




Well, the Vernox Metal Table Mat is certainly the best alternative to regular table mats. It is completely stain-free, easily manageable, and just looks perfect on the table. The product has warm and professional looks, so it’s perfect for homes, restaurants, bars, and just any other type of setting.

Above all, Vernox table mats offer up to 99.99% antibacterial effects. So, it is perfect for homemakers who love to keep things hygienic at the dining table.

In short, this product not only deals with the limitations of regular table mats but also comes with loads of other benefits. So, you no longer have to tolerate those dull cloth-based table mats. Just get Vernox mats and give your table a new look along with maximum hygiene.

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