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Just to mention the obvious, you will hardly see any motorcycle rider without a motorcycle jacket. Style and aesthetics are what motorcycle riders most crave for. For some passionate riders, it is all about riding in style while going on adventurous and distant places on their motorbikes. Motorcycle riding is not just famous for style and aesthetics but it is also famous for the physical and mental health benefits that come with riding a motorbike.


Before some of you begin to scratch their heads and think about what they just read, let me confirm. Yes! Motorcycle riding offers both physical and mental health benefits to the riders. Studies have uncovered a bike rider can expect health benefits like improved concentration, increased core strength, improved cognitive ability, reduced stress levels, and more by just riding a motorbike.

While style and aesthetics are craved by the riders health benefits are just like music to the ears for the riders. As they just don’t get to look cool but also get to enjoy a lot of health benefits while going to different places on their motorbikes.


Riding a motorcycle and wearing jackets

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As all the motorcycle riding apparel including safety gear is crucial motorcycle jackets are considered to be one of the most important items in motorcycle attire. And for the right reasons too, wearing leather motorcycle jackets is just like lemon in the lemonade.


Despite all the rapid developments and advancements in the fabric industry leather is rightfully the first choice of motorbike riders for a number of reasons.


Leather jackets not only increase the style of riders but also provide other factors like high durability, weather resiliency, impact protection, and so on. Since the early 90s leather has been the favorite fabric of choice by bike riders that is considered classy and vintage among bikers.

As impassioned bike riders take pride in wearing stylish motorcycle jackets and other apparel items it is also important that the ‘right’ type of jacket is used for the right type of motorcycle riding. In this article, we will review two types of motorcycle riding jackets and aid you to choose a jacket that will suit your style.


Vintage motorcycle jackets


Vintage motorcycle jackets


There is one common understanding among motorbike riders that is of the more classy, old-timey, and vintage motorcycle and the apparel is the more stylish, respectable, and experienced the rider looks. Wearing a stylish and classy jacket like Viking Cycle’s vintage motorcycle jacket can increase your vintage look and skyrocket your aesthetics.


Apart from looking all classy and stylish, there are other factors that a motorbike rider should take into consideration before buying a motorcycle jacket. It is important that you ask yourselves questions like where will I wear my Jacket? Does it offer safety features? etc.


You cannot buy a single jacket and wear it everywhere every type of motorbike riding calls for a different type of motorbike jacket. To further enlighten you on where you can wear and what you can expect from your vintage jackets here are our pros and cons for vintage motorcycle jackets.



• You can wear it in street riding and for going on adventurous places
• Vintage leather jackets last very long
• Can provide weather resistance
• Looks great on riders
• Can have a lot of pockets for you to carry accessories like glass, wallet, gloves, etc.



• May not provide fall or injury protection.
• Leather may lose its color and become dull with time.


In light of the pros and cons mentioned above a vintage or classy motorcycle jacket can be an excellent choice your goal is to wear them for street riding or for short road trips while looking great.

However, as they lack the element of safety features think twice before you buy them just for looks. Where fashion is important for being social, safety cannot be overlooked as motorbike accidents can be fatal if proper precautionary and safety gear is not ensured before riding.

Motorcycle leather jackets are usually perceived as manly, but as much as we would hate to burst your bubble we have to inform you that long gone are the days when leather jackets were only considered as ‘manly’ riding apparel.

Vintage women’s motorcycle jackets designed specifically for female riders are making them look cool and changing the perspective of how leather motorcycle jackets are perceived.


Cafe racer Motorcycle Jackets


Cafe racer Motorcycle Jackets


There are types of motorcycle riders too, some ride bikes for health benefits, and because of its fun. While some ride to feel the adrenaline rush while going at high speeds. These speed lover motorcycle riders are usually very passionate about keeping their riders clean, modifying parts, and fine-tuning them for maximum performance.


For those of you speed demons who love to ride in maximum speed and feel the adrenaline going through the veins Viking Cycle’s cafe racer motorcycle jackets are going to be your new love.

Specially built with short banded colors, lightweight, minimalistic looks, and optimized for high speeds Viking cycle’s cafe racer motorcycle jacket gives you the ultimate ‘bad boy’ look while providing you the essential safety in case of a road crash.


Cafe racer motorcycle jackets are for those riders who like their jackets to pack a punch when it comes to both style and safety. Unlike other motorcycle jackets that are usually heavy in fabric and may fly around when you ride at high speeds.

Slim fit cafe racer motorbike jackets with snug-fitting not only allows the riders to withstand the weather conditions but also provides the comfort level that is essential for long rides.



• You can wear cafe racer jackets on long road trips
• Highly durable
• Rich in style
• Can offer weather resilience
• Can offer impact protection in case of a crash



• May lack details due to the minimalist approach


Vintage vs. Cafe racer Motorcycle Jacket what’s the difference?


Upon reviewing both jackets it can be easily noted that both motorcycle jackets have a difference in terms of style, construction, and purpose. Where vintage jackets are rich in style and offer high durability they might lack in the aspect of providing the facility of impact security in case of a fall.

Vintage motorcycle jackets have a class and a style to them there is no denying in this fact. But the reality of the matter is they are not an appropriate option for wearing on long road trips as they are best suited to be used for street riding and for short-range trips.


While on the other hand cafe racer motorcycle jackets as their name suggests are specifically constructed to endure the tests of long road trips, challenging weathers, and high speeds. The major notable difference between both types of jackets is how they are built.


Both jackets may have a distinct feel to them. As vintage and classical style jackets are usually constructed rugged and as manly looking as possible. While cafe racer jackets are built with a much minimalist approach.


Final Thought


By reviewing both types of motorcycle jackets we can confidently say that both types of jackets can provide you the style, durability, and aesthetics you expect from a motorcycle jacket.

However, before making a purchase do consider if you want a jacket that you can wear on long road trips while also feeling safe and stylish you should consider a cafe racer jacket. And if you are looking to travel in style while covering short distances a high-quality vintage motorcycle will be a way to go.

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