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Do you remember the joy of having a heart-to-heart conversation with a close friend? Well, “Why Not Me?” takes you back to that same feeling. If not, you start wishing for Mindy Kaling to appear and sit in your living room to talk to you for hours.

In the Why Not Me bookMindy Kaling is wonderfully honest, funny and self-deprecates humorously. You will find yourself imagining an overview of different chapters of Mindy’s life.

Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

How to be a Hollywood starlet?

Mindy presents an answer to this question in this book. She recommends an investment in hiring makeup and paid hair specialists. Plus, you will need a guy walking around you 24/7 with a spotlight. Amidst the humor, Mindy addresses the absurd beauty standards that women are judged for. In a detailed manner, she tells her readers the actual work required to get into the so-called TV look. Apparently, most of the work happens with the hair. In fact, foreign hair strands are added because the hair that grows on the head worth nothing. The professionals change everything about your hair from thickness and length to color.


The challenges of being a role model

Mindy describes herself as being alarmed when girls and women started approaching her as a role model for rocking her non-size-zero body. Kaling faces her own issues with body image; however, she denies being a role model for other women. She honestly accepts that her body is simply a result of her love for McDonald’s and inability to maintain a diet. And frankly, she doesn’t care very much. And one thing has become clear in this book- Mindy loves McDonald’s. Throughout the reading, you will find the name McDonald’s coming up again and again. The name would appear so frequently that you might find yourself craving a burger.


The biggest theme of this book is- you shouldn’t care about what others think about you. Kaling expresses that it took her many years to realize that. In fact, she gained her self-confidence and ability to look beyond what others think after gaining money and fame.


Along with that, the book also addresses topics such as:

• She doesn’t like to be a bridesmaid.
• She has been romantic with a staffer of the White House.
• She says sex scenes are awesome and other celebrities lie when they deny that they don’t like it.
• Her college story of getting drunk.


What should you look for in this book?

In Why Not Me Mindy Kalingyou can expect a celebrity memoir with a blend of humorous essays. Don’t look for anything substantial. This reading experience will be a light breeze of joy for you.

As it is kind of an autobiography, Mindy takes the freedom to jump from topics to topics that mean a lot to her. Probably the most intriguing part of this book is how Kaling analyzes her own fame and success. The feeling of entitlement seems to be the dominating factor. However, she also explains that entitlement comes with hard work, otherwise, people don’t respond to your way of life. She gives a detailed encounter of how she spent days just writing and rewriting scripts without taking a shower. She didn’t stop until the point of exhaustion and the peak level of body odor.


She gives the following advice to anyone who wants to achieve success:

• With self-pity, you will get results.
• Even if you have great things, it’s fine to desire more.
• Sometimes, second chances come along.
• Sometimes, third chances come along.
• Do not take any vacation. (She lost her show while on a vacation. That was the only vacation she took in many years.)
• You are allowed to celebrate an awesome meeting on the way back, just open a tequila bottle in your car.
• Believe in what you do and keep working hard, all your dreams will become true.
• Working hard gives a genuine fighting chance at what you want to accomplish.

All in all, Mindy Kalingbook Why Not Me is a feel-good book. And if you are a fan of Mindy Kaling’s work, then, this book will be a delightful experience.

This book is winning lots and lots of hearts out there!

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