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1830 Rolling PutterThe all-new DR.PC 1830 Rolling Putter is one of the most innovative products developed to boost the fun and reduce the hassles for a golfer.

Wondering how it’s possible?

Well, we’ll show you how. So, here’s the much-awaited review on one of the most advanced golf clubs out there. Let’s start by understanding its features.


DR.PC 1830 Rolling Putter Features


The DR. PC 1830 is a dual rolling putter and chipper golf club that saves you the hassle of changing golf clubs frequently. It has a unique rolling mechanism, that allows you to use the same golf club for both putting and chipping. All you need to do is pull and twist the clubface, and your golf club is ready for the next shot.


Easy To Play


The DR.PC 1830 Rolling Putter is the world’s first 2-in-1 golf club, which helps beginners and intermediate-level golfers to improve their skills. It has a well-balanced weight that allows you sufficient feel and control while playing.

The design of the clubface is perfected to help you hit the sweet spot every time. It has topline marks on top of the putter head that makes positioning easy. The clubface also makes a unique sound upon impact, allowing you to perfect your shorts well. The sound helps you detect your misses much accurately than traditional golf clubs.

So, if you have been struggling with some shots lately, the DR. PC 1830 can help you overcome the challenge much quickly. r


Durable Construction


This golf club is a premium hand-crafted putter with high-grade, durable metal construction. It is made by a CNC milling process that provides a better finish than the traditional casting methods. Therefore, the body of the DR.PC 1830 holds up well, and the balance gives you the feel of holding a high-end golf club. The putter head is made from high-strength aluminum, while the clubface is made of brass. It has a highly comfortable PU material grip that absorbs impact and lets you control the shot much better.

Pros & Cons
Let’s now weigh in on the pros and cons of this unique product to determine whether it is worth a buy or not.

DR.PC 1830 Rolling PutterPros
• The DR.PC 1830 is a one-of-a-kind 2-in-1 putter chipper golf club.
• It has a convenient pull-and-rotate mechanism that allows you to switch between the putter and the chipper easily.
• The clubface is made of high durable brass material.
• The DR. PC 1830 helps beginner golfers to master their shots well.
• The unique topline markings help with positioning.
• Durable construction
• Comfortable grip
• You also get a high-quality synthetic leather headcover that keeps the putter head safe.

• Well, we didn’t find any.


Get It Now!


After conducting a keen review of this product, we have come to a conclusion that the DR. PC 1830 is a must-have golf club for any golfer. It greatly reduces the hassles and boosts the fun part of golf. And if you are a beginner, this golf club is the best one for you as it helps you master your shot much faster.

Overall, we give a thumbs up to this product. At its price of around $175, this is surely one of the best golf clubs out there. Just rotate the clubface and play on.

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