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To keep the performance of your lawnmower top-notch, you need high-quality grease. A reliable grease product protects lawnmowers from rust, water, and friction. However, these properties depend widely on the quality of grease you choose for your lawnmower. A quality grease choice serves its purpose in all kinds of conditions such as humidity, temperature, and contamination through water. Finding such a grease option requires some research from your side.

But don’t worry! This guide has combined a list of top-performing grease products with essential tips to make the right selection. You can follow the reviews to make a suitable decision. So, get ready to choose the best grease for a lawn mower for consistent performance and durability.





premium quality lawn mower greaseWolf’s Head Red Grease

John Deere lawn mower Grease John Deere Original
Equipment Grease

best grease for mower spindlesStens 770-123” 00” Grease

lawn mower spindle greaseAll States Ag Parts OYL
Moly Plus Grease

mower spindle greaseBriggs & Stratton Grease
Gun Refill Kit

High Performance Lawn Mower GreaseStar Brite Pro Ultra
High Performance Grease


Reviewing Best Grease for Lawn Mowers

Here is a list of top grease choices you can pick to maintain the performance of your lawn mower:


Wolf’s Head Red Grease


This premium quality grease works in multiple types of machinery including lawn mowers. It contains a Lithium greasing Wolf's Head Red Lawn Mower Grease,10-14oz tubes,multipurpose automotive/truck chassis and bearing lithium complex greaseformula that protects against oxidation, pressure, rust, water, and other issues. The grease is applicable in every mechanical part of a lawn mower. It saves the machine from damage during high-speed movement.

The formula serves its purposes even in a highly humid and high-temperature environment. The tube package contains about 10 oz to 14 oz of grease.


• It increases the life cycle of a lawn mower.
• It works against all unwanted contaminations.
• The tube package makes grease handling easier.


• The price may seem a little high for some customers.



 John Deere Original Equipment Grease


This equipment grease is available to provide top-quality protection to your lawn mower. The prestigious brand John Deere is John Deere Original Equipment Grease,high temperature protectionknown for its quality products. And this one also provides perfect protection to different kinds of machinery.

The product is applicable for machinery that requires protection against water contamination, temperature, and other environmental conditions.

At the same time, it is effective on high-speed parts of a lawn mower. It minimizes friction and keeps the machinery smooth and high performing.


• The quality comes at a cost-effective price.
• The product works against all environmental contamination.


• Careful handling of the grease is necessary.



Stens 770-123” 00” Grease, Clear


This one contains a unique consistency that works perfectly on disc drives, gear boxes, lawn mower parts, and other Stens Lawn Mower Greasemachinery. The product is capable of handling extreme pressure.

The bottle design contains an easy to handle shape to hold and pour the grease safely. The product is admired for its quality and effectiveness in terms of greasing the part for a higher level of performance.


• Handling the grease bottle is simple due to its packaging.
• The consistency of the grease is effective in lawn mowers.


• It is necessary to keep children away from reaching the bottle.



All States Ag Parts OYL Moly Plus Grease


Due to excellent EP properties and exceptional dropping point, this grease suits all kinds of applications. This makes it the best All States Ag Parts Farm OYL Moly Plus Grease 14 oz,lithium complex greasegrease for mower spindles. Advanced lubricating properties come with the added support of residual molybdenum disulfide film for efficient protection.

This multipurpose grease supports the life of machinery parts to enhance its durability. Each pack contains 14 oz product in a tube packaging.

• High dropping point for application excellence
• EP traits make it highly versatile.
• Molybdenum disulfide creates a protection residual film.


• It can take some time to master the use of this grease.


Briggs & Stratton Grease Gun Refill Kit


This grease product is especially available for the Briggs & Stratton grease gun. The package works as the cartridge for the Briggs & Stratton Grease Gun Refill Kit,3 Grease Cartridgesgrease gun. Easy to install and apply, this grease product leaves no mark on your hands.

Each package provides 3 cartridges to refill your grease gun and make your lawn mower ready for another round of mowing. The grease quality suits multiple purposes and provides extreme performance quality.


• It is clean and effective.
• It offers long-term protection against rust, friction, and other problems.


• The cartridges of grease work as a refill for grease gun, which makes the gun important for a user.



Star Brite Pro Ultra-High-Performance Grease


The high-tech greasing formula of this product goes beyond traditional grease options. The grease formula works as the best Star Brite Pro Ultra High Performance Greasegrease for lawn mower spindles to protect against corrosion, heat and wear as well. It doesn’t get washed away easily, which saved bearings from failure.

The formula is completely bio-renewable as well as biodegradable. Plus, it is applicable in different parts of a machine.


• Exceptional protection against heat, corrosion, and wear.
• The environment-friendly formula keeps the garden and lawn area pollutant-free.
• Works on multiple moving parts of a lawn mower.


• Careful use is necessary as the product formula is an irritant.



How to select the best grease for lawn mower?


These are the factors to care about when choosing grease for your lawn mower:


Heat protection

The grease should restrict the increase of temperature increase in the moving parts of your lawn mower. High temperature leads to wear and machine failure if not controlled.


Corrosion protection

The grease should protect the mower against corrosion. For that, it needs to contain anti-oxidation properties, anti-rust properties and water-resisting nature.



The grease should have multipurpose application scope. This way, you can use one formula for all lawn mower parts to maintain its performance and lifecycle.



After comparing the quality of grease options, then, you should compare the price factor. This is the right way to select a cost-effective product.



Evaluate the reputation of a brand to understand the effectiveness and authenticity of a grease formula. A branded product gives you proven greasing formula, which ensures the safety of your mower parts.


Frequently Asked Questions


After how much time I should grease my lawnmower?

Caster wheels and spindles must be greased more often than any other parts. These two parts should be greased once a month due to the movement of interior parts during functioning. Additionally, the frequency of greasing depends upon the usage also.


Is there any possibility that you can over-grease spindles of the mower?

Over greasing results in the wastage of grease. Over greasing bearings cause no problems to the bearings but only wastage of grease. Extra grease can sling at the bottom of the mower.


How are lithium and regular grease different from each other?

Lithium and sodium-based greases are most commonly used. Regular calcium-based greases have a lower melting point than lithium-based greases. 3500F- 4000F (1900C- 2200C) is the dropping point range of lithium-based greases.

Now, with all the reviews and tips, you can easily pick the right grease for your lawn mower. Make sure you regularly use the obtained grease to keep your mower well-maintained.


Infographic: How to grease a lawn mower


How to grease a lawn mower


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